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Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit

Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit

This toolkit provides practical tools and resources for employers, managers and leaders to create workplaces that are mentally healthy.

Use the guidance material and practical resources in this toolkit to take positive steps towards a mentally healthy workplace.

Toolkit contents:

  1. Mentally healthy workplaces
  2. Promote positive practices at work
  3. Protect from psychological harm
  4. Support recovery from psychological harm
  5. Mentally healthy workplaces for small business
  6. Additional resources

Download the toolkit (PDF, 8575.87 KB).

Toolkit - mobile friendly version (PDF, 1232.67 KB).

Creating mentally healthy workplaces

A mentally healthy workplace is one that:

  • promotes positive practices that support mental health
  • actively identifies and minimises risks of psychological harm
  • builds the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of workers to be resilient and thrive at work
  • is free of stigma and discrimination
  • supports the recovery of workers returning after a physical or psychological injury.

This toolkit is structured around a three part model that outlines what makes a workplace mentally healthy.

The benefits of a mentally healthy workplace

  • Thriving workers
  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Decrease in workers’ compensation claims
  • Increase in engagement and job satisfaction
  • Decrease in turnover and selection costs
  • Increase in attraction of top talent

Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit evaluation survey

The Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit is the first holistic mental health toolkit provided by an Australian work safety regulator. Please take two minutes to provide feedback on the toolkit so we can ensure it meets your needs and understand how it can be improved.

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27 October 2017

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There's nothing like getting back for getting better

Workers who get back to safe work as soon as possible recover more quickly than those who wait until they are fully recovered.


There's nothing like getting back for getting better