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Self-insurance auditor licences

Access information about how to become a work health and safety auditor (self-insurance).

Work health and safety auditors (self-insurance) can undertake WHS management system audits of employers who have applied to become self-insurers.

You can find more information on becoming an accredited Work Health and Safety (WHS) auditor (self-insurance) in the Self-insurance guidance auditor appointment procedures (PDF, 0.76 MB). You can apply to become a WHS auditor (self-insurance) with this WHS auditor application form (PDF, 0.24 MB).

Fees and levies

The auditor application fee is $965.53. This a non-refundable fee to OIR to assess applications for prospective WHS auditors.

Once the auditor application is successful, an accreditation fee of $965.53 must be paid to OIR by the applicant to cover an initial three-year period.

If a WHS auditor needs reaccreditation, they must make a payment of $965.53 to OIR, along with their application form, to cover a further three-year period.

There are additional fees and levy charges once you become a self-insurer.

You can find a list of current accredited WHS auditors (self-insurance).

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