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Legal professionals

Information for legal professionals dealing with workers compensation claims and injury management matters.

Representing employers and workers

Legal professionals represent workers, claimants and employers who are appealing against a review decision on a claims matter.

Filing an appeal against a review decision on a claims matter

An appeal can only be started by filing a written Notice of Appeal in person, by post, by email or by fax with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

Seminar Papers - Legal Professionals

Members of our barrister panel have prepared these papers on workers' compensation case law for employer, union, legal and insurer representatives.

Official Policy and Procedure regarding the review process

Documents which set out the Office of Industrial Relations official position for managing extension requests and procedural fairness in reviews.

Last updated
04 April 2017

A new work capacity certificate

The new work capacity certificate assists doctors and injured workers to focus on what workers can do at work rather than what they can't. Visit our dedicated Medical Support page to find out more.


A new work capacity certificate

WorkCover Queensland accident insurance policy renewal

Declare your wages quickly and easily online before the 31 August deadline.


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