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Representing employers and workers

Information for persons representing workers, claimants and employers who are appealing against a review decision on a claims matter.

Workers, claimants and employers who are unhappy with a review decision can appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (s. 549 Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the WCRA Act)).

If you are representing a worker or claimant, they have the right to be joined as a party to the employer's appeal. As determined by the Industrial Court, an employer is not entitled to appear and be heard in the proceedings on the worker’s appeal.

The appeal must be filed in with the appeal body (Queensland Industrial Relations Commission or Industrial Magistrates Court) within 20 business days of receiving the review decision.

Within 10 business days of it being filed with the appeal body, you should serve a copy of the Notice of Appeal on the Office of Industrial Relations (acting on behalf of the Workers' Compensation Regulator).

Last updated
03 April 2018

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