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A core function of our work as the regulator is to develop and maintain an evidence base to inform workplace health and safety and workers’ compensation policy and practice. This helps to monitor and reduce the incidence of work-related death, injury and illness.

We compile, analyse and report on a range of workplace health and safety and workers’ compensation data to provide a robust and up to date picture of work-related injuries, fatalities and diseases in Queensland.

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Gold Coast work health and safety profile

Gold Coast City work health and safety profile

This report details the statistics of workers' compensation claims of the industries in the city of Gold Coast, in comparison to the entire Queensland.

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Harm index and associated heat maps can be used when developing educational, advisory, intervention and leadership programs that are aimed at reducing the incidence of workplace health and safety deaths, injury and illness.

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Statistical reports

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Workers' Compensation scheme reports

Workers' Compensation scheme statistics reports

WCR stat report-2020-21

A snapshot of the workers' compensation scheme as a whole.

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Online statistical tools

Industry stats tool
  • Industry comparative calculator
    Use our industry comparative calculator to generate workers' compensation statistics for your industry and the Queensland scheme.
  • Return on investment calculator
    The return on investment calculator is a tool that assists organisations to estimate an indicative return on their investments in work health and safety.

Other WHS tools

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  • Work Health and Safety eTools
    The eTools will assist businesses to develop effective risk controls and identify the financial benefits that follow.

Data hub

The Workers' Compensation Regulator's Data and Evaluation Services team reports scheme statistics and monitors trends. This includes maintaining quality, up-to-date data for both scheme-wide and internal sources.

Data hub

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