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Kids on kids’ bikes

Adult-sized quad bikes are too large for kids to handle.

A 2015 coronial inquest into quad bike deaths in Queensland noted that 17 per cent of all quad bike deaths were children under the age of 16, either as operators or passengers. The majority of deaths were caused by either operating an adult size quad bike, or a quad bike that was too big for their age category. In terms of quad bike passenger incidents, many occurred where quad bikes clearly designed for a single operator were carrying passengers.

Children under 16 should not ride adult-sized quad bikes, which can weigh up to 400kg, as they are too large for them to handle.

Kid-sized quad bikes are more suitable for young riders because they are lighter than adult quads and restricted to lower speeds. However, deaths and serious injuries can still occur as a result of a low-speed incident involving a kid-sized quad bike. Children should always wear a helmet, be properly trained and closely supervised when riding a quad bike.

It may be convenient to have your child double with you on a single-seat quad bike, but this is extremely dangerous. Don’t take the risk—don’t double.

In Queensland workplaces, quad bike operators must be at least 16 years of age, or the minimum age recommended by the manufacturer. This means that children under 16 are not allowed on adult-sized quad bikes and can only ride on age-appropriate quad bikes in workplaces.

Lots of farming families have quad bikes. Sadly, quad bikes are also Queensland farming's biggest killer. Keep kids on kids' bikes, another way to come home safe to your family.

Authorised by the Queensland Government, William Street, Brisbane.

Riding on a road

To ride a quad bike in a limited way on a Queensland road, the quad bike must have conditional registration administered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Quad bike riders and any passengers carried must wear an approved motorcycle helmet when the vehicle is operating on a road or road related area. The Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) website rates motorcycle helmets for safety and comfort and also includes a guide to help you pick the right size.

Children under the age of eight are prohibited from being carried as passengers on quad bikes and in utility off-road vehicles being used on roads, as well as any child of any age if they are unable to sit with their feet flat on the floor and hands on handholds.

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