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Category seven – Injured worker achievement award (Individual entry)

This award recognises an individual's successful rehabilitation and stay at/return to work within the past 12 months following a work-related injury (physical or psychological).

To be eligible you must have had a work-related injury compensated under the Queensland workers' compensation scheme, and a successful and sustainable stay at/return to work within the past 12 months.

  • Please provide a background of your injury.
    We recognise that providing details of your injury may cause unnecessary distress and will accept a submission/report from your insurer or treating provider.
  • How did the injury impact you physically?
  • How did your injury restrict your ability to perform normal tasks?
  • How did the injury impact your ability to perform usual tasks at home?
  • How did the injury impact your mental health?
  • Provide a timeline of your return to work journey.
  • What rehabilitation did you participate in as part of your recovery?
  • How active were you in your return to work planning?
  • How did you collaborate with everyone involved in your treatment and return to work planning?
  • What motivated you to return to work?
  • What was the main return to work barrier you experienced as a result of your injury?
  • How did you overcome this barrier and successfully return to work?
  • Did you experience any positive outcomes from returning to work? If so, please list the outcomes and the impact that it had on you.
  • Why did you consider it important to return to work following your injury?
  • Did you acquire any new skills or were you provided with any new opportunities?
  • Did returning to work have any positive impact on your mental health?
  • What advice would you give to another worker who has experienced an injury to inspire them to return to work?