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Bill Martin

Safety Advocates

Bill is a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Safety Advocate.

His son, Tim, died at the age of 17 after he received an electric shock at work.

Bill now visits Queensland businesses as a Safety Advocate, to encourage workers to make electrical and workplace safety a priority, and to highlight the personal impacts that an accident can have on workers and their families.

Young workers are particularly vulnerable to risk in their workplace and need induction and proper training, adequate supervision, mentoring and support.

Bill shares his tragic story to inspire people to lead in safety culture, and to better understand the unique safety requirements of young workers.

“My passion for safety is very strong. Safety is the most important thing in a workplace. What happened to Tim was so easily avoidable—it absolutely shouldn't have happened. I feel like I've got a responsibility to try and prevent others having to go through what we went through."

Forever young - Tim's story

Forever Young film

Tim was a second year electrical apprentice when he was involved in a fatal incident.

What was meant to be a routine electrical task, ultimately cost him his life. As a young worker at only 17 years of age, Tim didn't have the experience and skills to do this job by himself without adequate supervision and guidance.

Forever young – Tim's story is told by Bill Martin, Tim's father who now lives with the consequences of a terrible and unnecessary workplace incident.

Apply online for a free copy of Forever young – Tim's story.

Your business can apply for Bill or another of Queensland's Safety Advocates to attend your event and share their story to increase awareness and influence behaviour change, free of charge.

"Bill's presentation was fantastic, very emotive but fantastic. Thank you so much for getting Bill to us."

- Liz Radcliff, Department of Employment, Small Business and Training

"I need to apologise for forgetting to take any photos (I was too caught up in the moment). Bill is a very special presenter, speaking from personal experience he was both inspiring and educational. Bill conveyed an honest and from the heart perspective of an event that tragically took his son. His recount was not about sympathy, but to inspire change through identifying what went wrong. Just as importantly he did a fantastic job answering questions. Bill is an absolute credit to the safety advocate program."

- David Page, Sunshine Coast Council

"On the drive home I had plenty of opportunity to reflect on Bill's words. As a mother of two boys, I can't imagine experiencing something so tragic and the impact it has had on his family and loved ones since is heart-breaking. I'll be taking the time to share Tim's story with my kids."

- Alison, Trident Services Australia

"A very touching story that highlighted the dangers of work practices. I watched the video that afternoon, a real tear jerker."

- Shannon, Trident Services Australia

Bill with Trident Services Australia
Bill with Trident Services Australia

"We would like to thank Bill for visiting us. His talk made a tremendous impact on our people. The key messages we took from Bill's talk are:"

  • "To speak up if you see something unsafe in your workplace as it can save lives."
  • "It is important to have a strong safety culture in the workplace and to look after your team mates."
  • "He gave us the tools to use on how to say something to people who are doing something unsafe in the workplace; how to ask them to stop doing something unsafe in a respectful manner and to choose to work safely so we can all go home safe at the end of the day. None of us want to have to experience the tragedy Bill and his family had to live through."

"We are reminding our workers of this on a daily basis. Thanks to Bill, you and your team for sharing your safety messages with us. We greatly appreciate it."

- Rommaney McAullay, Endeavour Mackay

Bill with Endeavour Mackay
Bill with Endeavour Mackay

"Our event was a memorable one! We have received so much positive feedback, and our clients were impressed with the safety attitude, and passion amongst the room. Bill spoke and the room listened. He has such a powerful message, that resonates long after the talk has finished. If everyone can realise that we all have a “Tim” working alongside us, and it is our priority to keep him/her absolutely and fundamentally safe, so they can return home to their loved ones. Thank you so much for all of your assistance in organising Bill. He delivers a very important message, and everywhere he delivers it to, changes mindsets. Thank you Bill!"

- Angela Olsen, IPA Recruitment Solutions

Bill with IPA Recruitment Solutions
Bill with IPA Recruitment Solutions

"Bill was amazing! We spoke in great lengths this morning at the workshop with all staff about Bill's story and the message has reached most about the importance of safety around electrical hazards, around being trained correctly and using the right PPE for the job. Thank you so much."

- Shelley Gowley, Endeavour Townsville

Bill with Endeavour Townsville
Bill with Endeavour Townsville

"I wish to express our sincere gratitude to Bill Martin for attending our function yesterday. It was significant for the Australian Trade Training College and the Australian Trade College North Brisbane staff, students, apprentices and trainees to hear the fallout from the consequences of a simple and unassumingly innocent sequence of decisions that had a devastating outcome. As some of these students complete their senior schooling and leave for the wide world, Bill's message was timely."

- Patrick Scharf, Australian Trade Training College

Bill presenting to the Australian Trade Training College
Bill presenting to the Australian Trade Training College

"Thank you very much for arranging the opportunity for our team to listen to Bill Martin yesterday. I have heard reports back from the Directors and team members how much they really enjoyed this part of the Team Day yesterday – in fact the production guys are saying this was their best part of the day! It seems his story has had quite the impact, which is great to hear and see."

- Milly Archer, Modsel

"As a Director I can confirm this was an excellent part of the day, very practical and worthwhile. The comments and actions from the team in the following days have shown it has definitely had a positive impact, more than any safety meeting we have had previously! Please pass on our appreciation to Bill once again."

- David Rowland, Modsel

"As Safety Officer it is not always an easy task to get compliance from workers, but the impact from Bill's presentation was very well received and it was wonderful when all the workers shook his hand in appreciation. Something that really stood out for me was the fact that this was a preventable incident and just how it affects so many people & changes lives forever. He certainly has turned the very negative experience of losing Tim into such a positive educational experience to talk about working safe & going home safe. Thanks for sharing Bill."

- Narelle, Admin/Safety Officer

"Bill's talk was amazing in so many ways, he spoke to us from experience, but also to us as a father. He also spoke to us as someone who cared and not as an official or a direct order telling us or trying to show us what we may already have known. It moved me as I am his sons age this year and I am also second year and it felt all too real to me as I related to everything he said yesterday. I am now going to be 110% making sure anyone I'm with is safe and I will be looking out for everything around them so they are able to go home at night. And to Bill and the organisers. Thank you for allowing him to come out and talk to us. I loved the talk and everyone else also commented that they felt the same."

- Harry C, Apprentice Electrician - 2nd Year

"Bill's visit and sharing of the emotional impact, that "ripples" through the community, was a startling reminder that doing nothing, if we see a safety concern, can have a devastating impact. The lessons were two-fold...for the youthful, a stark reality that they are not impervious to danger, injury, or death. For mature tradespersons [many years at the coalface] a wake-up call that complacency is a danger. It also provided impetus for workers to be part of the solution/prevention message and act with care/pre-emptive concern that potential dangers can quickly escalate into real dangers."

- Mike B, Office Manager

"Bill's presentation had a profound impact on myself, and I am sure, all the other guys at who attended. I couldn't wait to talk about his presentation at the family dinner table last night, and impress on my son how important I thought workplace training and awareness is. He started an apprenticeship as a security technician some 5 months ago. I stressed my feelings about him 'coming home safely' after each day's work. Thanks again for organising this moving talk."

- Ed G, Site Supervisor

"Having signed for my apprenticeship the afternoon of his visit it was a great presentation and message to receive and to take with me from day one through my electrical apprenticeship. Certainly makes you take a step back and think about how incidents could affect not only ourselves but the ones closest to us. Thank you Bill."

- Ethan, Apprentice Electrician - 1 day

"Bill's was probably the most powerful, emotional and life changing Safety experience that I have ever witnessed. As I stood, intently listening to Bill's story, I could not help but think, that as a Director of CTG, it is my responsibility to do all that I can to protect the safety of all my employees."

- Kevin Arndt, Managing Director

"A very real and heartbreaking situation that could have been avoided in so many ways."

- Matt G, Plumber

"It does make you think about all the short cuts that are often taken even when working around the house or in general everyday life. Things can change quiet drastically for anyone at any time. Little tasks we all take for granted can escalate into something a lot bigger. A little safer at home and in everyday life can make small changes to everyone's attitude in the workplace for a better safety culture. Thanks."

- Mark, Director - Combined Trades Group

Bill at Combined Trades Group
Bill at Combined Trades Group

"I would like to thank Bill from all of our Beef City team one family for taking time out to share with us the Forever Young Tim's story. His passion for safety not only touched our group but left a strong message in all of our minds for a long time to come within our group from the young apprentices to the most experienced men and ladies present. We were able to take home that day his clear and powerful safety message, not only in the workplace but also in everyday life."

– Paul Klein, WHS Officer, JBS Australia

"We had 400 employees listen to Bill's story and here is some feedback from the day:"

"Speaking from personal experience made Bill Martin a good advocate for this topic. The information relayed was both inspiring and educational and as a father I can only imagine the extent of the grief he suffered. He is turning heartbreak into preventative education."

"Bill delivered a very powerful presentation which served as an important reminder about the reasons why we have a strong focus on safety within Council. We are all responsible for identifying hazards whether or not they are within our own work sites and we need to ensure that workers are supported in calling out unsafe actions and behaviours. There is nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of our workforce. The tragedy that Bill has experienced has had a huge knock on effect not only within the workplace but also throughout the community and can last for generations."

– Tony Hauenschild, Rockhampton Regional Council

"As the Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor at The Fairbairn Dam Spillway Improvement Project, I would like to take this opportunity to kindly thank Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and their Safety Advocates for all the time and effort that goes into the Safety Advocate Campaign."

"Bill's presentation held the attention of all those in attendance. His facts and stories were true to life, and he spoke from the heart about his own experiences. Bill's approach and the way he engaged us all was great. He was frank, urging everyone to think about the actions they take to protect themselves and others around them to ensure everyone arrives home safely after their working day."

– Andrew Rohl, HSE Advisor, Sunwater

Bill Martin visiting Sunwater
Bill visiting Sunwater

"Feedback from Bill's visit to our site included:"

  • "Bill makes people realise the ripple affect/ impact that workplace injuries can have on other people/ families."
  • "We went away thinking more about our need to stay focussed on safety at work."
  • "Bill engaged the team by asking questions and getting them involved in the conversation."

- Cameron Wright, HSET Advisor, Capricorn Sandstone Quarries

Bill with Capricorn Sandstone Quarries team
Bill speaks to the team at Capricorn Sandstone Quarries

"I found Bill's presentation, although very sad for the horror of the subject, to be very hard-hitting and personally powerful. The message conveyed was honest and from the heart and from the perspective of a father that had lost his most prized son. It made me reflect on my own children and relate to his utter devastation of losing his son in such horrific preventable circumstances. Bills ongoing resilience to continue to help ensure this type of event does not happen again and his practical approach to industry safety processes is uplifting, to say the least, thank you for your very powerful message delivery."

- Stephen Rossberg, Training Manager, RAPAD Skilling Longreach

"It was a very successful morning, lots of feedback from the maintainers that attended about the personalised impact and the wide ranging/ongoing effects such a traumatic accident can have. There were certainly a few wet eyes in the crowd. The silent reverence from the 120 strong crowd certainly indicated the impact and respect to Bill as he told his story."

"Please extend our thanks from the Queensland Rail SEQ Facilities team for attending our Safety Refresh Event."

- Carly Wilson, Manager, SEQ facilities projects, Queensland Rail

"Bill's visit was great, it was horrible to hear his story but very eye opening and relevant, especially because we are an electrical contracting company and work around electrical equipment daily."

- Scott Gilbert, Site Foreman, Fredon Queensland

"Bill Martin's presentation is powerful, confronting and enables you to take action not only in our work life but also outside of that."

- Presentation attendee for the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training

"The group found the presentation confronting, it took them outside their comfort zone, placing them in the position Bill and his family were in with Tim. I think everyone was of one mind in thinking of Bill with admiration."

"He is an amazing man for doing what he does after enduring the torture that he and his family have gone through. By speaking as freely as he does about the circumstances that gave rise to Tim's accident he certainly drives home the safety massage and the reason why effective hazard identification is critical to maintaining a safe working environment."

"The presentation also highlighted the importance of focussed supervision especially of young workers, the importance that people performing key roles like spotters maintain vigilance and remain alert at all times, and the consequences that could result from the relaxing of any of these things."

"We thank Bill for visiting us and for the opportunity to meet him and to share in the many learnings from this terrible tragedy that he is committed to share."

- Richard Catterall, A/Principal Busways Officer, Department of Transport and Main Roads

"Thank you Bill for your raw and courageous presentation to our Fleetwood team today. I found your presentation a great support to empowering cultural change. Whilst I am conscious of the personal nature of your story the feedback is nothing but positive across the board from the Fleetwood team."

– Daniel Howlett, Operations Manager, Fleetwood Australia

Bill Martin presenting for Fleetwood Australia
Bill speaks to the team at Fleetwood Australia

"Thank you all so much for arranging Bill to come out."

"It was an amazing talk as well as extremely sad, it got the message across and the team were all saying how great it was."

- Alicia Forsyth, Service and RTW Coordinator, Astec Australia

"On behalf of the Balonne Shire Council thank you for coming to our workplace and sharing your story with us. The feedback from staff has been very positive and I do believe that you have made a difference that will assist us to strengthen the culture of safety for our workforce."

"It takes courage to share the very personal experience that you have had and we appreciate your time and effort in visiting St George."

"All the very best to you and your family."

- Matthew Magin, Chief Executive Officer, Balonne Shire Council

"On behalf of Goondiwindi Regional Council, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the region and for speaking to Council staff."

"Your presentation was very informative and I believe all staff took something away from your visit."

"Once again, thank you for your time, effort and contribution. I do sincerely appreciate your support with this meaningful campaign."

- Carl Manton, Chief Executive Officer, Goondiwindi Regional Council

"Bill was awesome! He arrived well ahead of time so we could meet and discuss how he might tailor the message to suit our work site."

"His message was clear and powerful. More than a few tears were shed. He also did a fantastic job answering questions that came up, and supporting the Bombardier senior management in delivering a consistent safety message."

"Our goal was to get people to think about the work they do, and whether they were putting themselves at risk from hazards they had overlooked or ignored. Bill challenged people well on this. Our wokers were talking about the presentation for the rest of the day. I overheard discussions regarding the extent of impacts an accident can have for a long time on an individual, their family and friends."

"The advocate program is sensational and a credit to the ESO."

- David Jones, QHSE Coordinator, Bombadier

Bill speaks to the team at Bombadier.
Bill speaks to the team at Bombadier

"Bill delivered a very powerful message to our people on the responsibility we all carry regarding a safe workplace and the devastating effects a workplace accident can have not only on a family, but the whole community."

- Tony Young, Group HSEQ Manager, CQMS Razer

Bill Martin presenting for CQMS Razer.
Bill presenting to CQMS Razer

"Bill's visit to our SurfStitch warehouse where he shared his first hand experience losing his 17 year old son Tim, was a candid experience for most of our employees."

"It opened up a discussion about working safely, not taking risks, and supervision being everyone's responsibility by looking after ourselves and our workmates. We also discussed the personal impact that it had on his life and others that were affected – and how that could apply to our team"

"We appreciated Bill's honesty and openness and know that his visit had a huge impact on increasing awareness of the importance of health and safety at work."

- Melinda Pinchien, Resource Coordinator, SurfStitch

"Bill's message had a big impact - we had a few tears in the audience."

"He presented in a concise manner and helped us with our safety goal, which is to encourage a culture of people taking responsibility for themselves, and for their colleagues."

"Feedback from all of our staff was positive; our Managing Director was very impressed."

- Brett Van Breda, Infrastructure and Asset Manager, Egis

"Bill's presentation were a great success - it caused a lot discussion at the end of the session. I believe the presentation would be of great benefit to any organisation that would like to engage individuals within workgroups to build a safety culture."

- James Mayhem, HSEQ Manager, Morris Corporation

Bill presenting at Morris Corporation
Bill presenting at Morris Corporation

"I came to see Bill recently at one of the seminars regarding electrical safety and made sure all my apprentices made it too. It was an eye-opener and touched me to the core. I have a son and nothing could have hit home more than hearing what he had to say. I'd like to thank Bill for giving a message that was so personal and so very effective."

- Stuart Roberts, General Manager, MPA Engineering Pty Ltd

"Bill's presentation was well received by the workgroup and his personal message resonated and hit home. I would highly recommend Bill as a workplace speaker and would love for him to share his message more broadly across our organisation in the future."

- Liam D'arcy, Safe Operations Advisor, OneSteel Reinforcing

Bill presenting at OneSteel Reinforcing
Bill presenting at OneSteel Reinforcing

"Bill did a fantastic job. Our event was full of apprentices and young workers so his message was very meaningful for this group, and he adapted the elements of Tim's Story to suit the audience in the room. Many of the audience members came up to Bill at the end to talk with him about the impact the story had on them, and the comments during morning tea were all very positive; Bill's presentation was the most powerful part of our event for all who attended."

- Melissa Couper-Silva, Senior Compliance and Engagement Officer, ESO

Bill presenting at ESO event
Bill presenting to young workers and apprentices an an ESO event

"Although I know Bill has shared this story many times, his delivery was unscripted and he spoke openly and honestly, from the heart. "
" We had our Maintenance Team in the audience, which includes a young electrical apprentice, so this message was very important for them - one of them made a comment about the impact Bill's presentation had on him. He appreciated the reality check and significance of the message."

"We also had team members who are parents with children of all ages, so this was very relevant to everyone; the impact Tim's incident had on his family (and is still having 16yrs later) is very powerful."

"The overall impact was really positive, and whilst we all sympathised with Bill and felt his pain, we were also humbled and grateful for him sharing his story with us."

- Mandy Ross, Human Services and Quality Systems Manager, Holy Cross Laundry

Bill addresses the Holy Cross laundry team
Bill addresses the Holy Cross laundry team

"Bill's talk was great; he talked about what happened with his son, and it really hit home how easy it is to lose a loved one. There were definitely a few tears in the group. I had a few staff come up to me after and tell me that it was not the presentation they thought it was going to be - it really hit home to hear the real life stories."

- Kris Cameron, OHSE & RRTW Coordinator, Capricornia Correction Centre

"Staff members have nothing but praise for Bill. The message about safety around electricity, shortcuts and complacency with safety was delivered loud and clear."

- Amanda Marshall, Health and Safety Coordinator, Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital

Bill cutting the morning tea cake
Morning tea!

"Bill was fantastic! He instantly had the workers' attention and absolutely blew them away with his story. The way he told the story made it clear that he was not after sympathy, but wanted everyone to learn from his experience, and made a conscious effort to make sure no one else's family has to go through what his did. It was very obvious after the presentation that a lot of the workers walked away thinking very seriously about safety and the bigger picture. Please pass on my thanks to Bill. He did a great job and was an all-round lovely person."

- Samantha Lawrence, Safety Advisor, AV Jennings

"Bill was very well received by the crew. The courage that he shows to be able to tell his story and how it affected him and his family, and the love that he had for his son, truly touched the heart strings of the audience. His safety message and personal style left all with a safety message to look out for one another and to stop something if it does not seem right. I recommend both Bill and the WHSQ safety advocate program for Queensland work sites."

- Peter McGiffen, RCR Energy Safety Coordinator, Gladstone Power Station

RCR Project Manager Geoff Marsh introduces Bill Martin
RCR Project Manager Geoff Marsh introduces Bill Martin

"The intensely personal nature of the presentation resonated with our students. We have a student doing SBA in electrical trades, and I'm sure he in particular will remember the message."

- Paul Sullivan, Director of Senior School, St Paul's School

Bill with St Paul's students Nathan Tomarchio and Samantha Gray.
Bill with St Paul's students Nathan Tomarchio and Samantha Gray

"Bill is engaging and his message is powerful. He implores you to take a minute to stop and consider your personal responsibility for safety."

"The vast majority (of workers) said it was impactful and resonated with them on some level. One postie who has been delivering for over 20 years told me it was the best safety message he has ever received."

"It was the quietest I have seen this group of workers in a while, and I considered that a good thing as they were clearly sitting back and taking it all in."

- Helen Jenkins, Senior Support Manager, Australia Post

"100% of the people who attended Bill's talk strongly agreed that his story highlighted the importance of risk assessments; speaking up if you're unsure; looking out for your teammates; the importance of a spotter and good communication; and to look out for teammates. They said it was a hard hitting emotional story, and it has really got everyone thinking about life outside of work"

"The format of the day was really well received by the team – not just another safety day."

- Andrew Priem, Project Manager, WICET Stockyard, John Holland Pty Ltd

"Bill Martin presented at the Resource Industry Network Safe Work Month breakfast and even now – six months on – his presentation is raised as an example of an impactful message that should never be forgotten."

"Despite Bill's story being so tragic and so personal, by sharing it in the way that he does, he is able to reach out to everyone and truly impress on them the importance of safety not just for the individual but for business leaders as well."

"Bill's presentation brought tears to the eyes of some of those in attendance and resonated with them in a way that they will never forget. It is this sort of impact that ensures the message is shared again and again."

"We would highly recommend Bill as a presenter who can bring home the extremely important message of 'safety first' in the workplace."

- Resource Industry Network

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This life experience story has just cut me to a raw core. The personal side is gut wrenching for the family and friends of this fine young man. Professionally it demonstrates you cannot take your eyes away from safety at any point. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure we all go home safe. Physical and psychological safety should be at the core of every business and individual. I applaud Bill for his bravery in sharing this story about his beautiful son.

Bill Martin's presentation and story have really moved me. Bill speaks from the heart and talks on his son's tragic unnecessary death, the factors leading up to the negligent event and the findings pre and post investigations. I couldn't leave without shaking Bill's hand out of respect and admiration for what he is now trying to prevent – workplace accidents and deaths. Everyone could benefit from Bill's presentation!

Our business nationally has used Tim's Story in our toolbox and training days. I have received many comments from our staff; it has been a "change of thinking" moment for them.

Please, if possible, pass on my appreciation..... As an electrician I have seen much good come out of this tragic incident.
Sean Murphy

Thank you Bill for your time. I will make sure I pass your story on to as many as I can.

Wow, what a moving and tragic story. I have been in the electrical industry for 17 years and am now a trainer with a new son. Your courage Bill will allow others not to make the same mistake. Thank-you for sharing.

Heart wrenching. Having recently lost my daughter I can empathise with what you have had to deal with. It is hard enough under "normal" circumstances let alone having to witness the hurt of your child. As a Safety Advisor, Tim will become part of my training for grads so he will go on.

I'm lucky enough to work along side Bill and can testify to his passion and dedication for the safety of our teams. It's so nice to see Tim's story reaching so many people. Hopefully it will prevent any other family having to experience such an event. Thanks for your courage in sharing this message with us all mate.

Thank you Bill for sharing the love and loss of your first born son, with 3 kids I cannot imagine your loss but I can share Tim's story to try and stop this happening again, that is what I have done and will continue to do. Thank you Bill.

A very moving and emotional story. What a credit to Bill that through his pain he is trying to help others. Would love to have him talk to our workforce.

We need more of these videos. Complacency in working around live sources leads to these devastating incidents. Will be showing this film in our next team meeting.

I have just come across this extremely moving video. Thank you Bill, you deserve a medal. I worked for a electricity supply authority for 26 years as an apprentice, tradesman, technician and electrical draftsman, on 11kV to 132kV equipment. Now I conduct safety courses for plant operators, trucks and cranes near power lines. Some of my clients even signage near power lines. This video will be shown at all future training sessions. Bill and Tim THANK YOU.

My deepest thoughts go out to you and your family Bill. I can only imagine how the absence of your first born son makes you feel. Good on you for sharing this personal story with the world and helping all of us become more aware of the unsuspecting dangers out there. Keep on keeping on, I'm sure your son would be so proud of you.

I showed this to my group of electricians and Linesmen (tradesmen and apprentices) in the mine I work at, I am sure all of them were touched and it generated some good safety discussion. Well done on a good quality video that will hopefully serve to save others lives. Thanks to Bill also, it must be heart wrenching getting up and telling your story like that.

Bill, congratulations on your bravery and your selflessness in telling Tim's story. My son appears in this video and I am so proud that he has contributed to such a valuable educational tool. I know Tim's story will help him make more informed choices and decisions that will keep him safe. Congratulations also to Stowe for looking out for its workers.

Thanks for your story, I teach Ag. to young students and drumming safety into them all the time.I tell them its not that I don't trust you to do your work safely its just a hazard can be there and you never noticed it before. I have shown your story to some and they had a tear in there eyes. they say, yes we don't always pay attention to others, but we will now.

As a father myself, I could not imagine losing a child…. You are an inspiration Bill and I hope that this video helps save someone else. I am so sorry for your loss... Thank you for sharing your story.
Steve Boyle

This film is another example of how a simple job can go wrong. If your inexperienced, distracted, your mind isn't on the job, unsure what so ever, STOP the job and ask questions. If your half way through a job (ie. go away for lunch) Stop and always take the time to reassess, as simple things like environmental changes can impact on the severity of the original hazards. These accidents can be avoided. Relevant training, close experienced supervision, correct PPE, correct tools for the job and hazard management tools in place are only a few of the ways we can reduce the risk to everyone.
Brad (Electrician)

Excellent and very moving video. As a TAFE teacher in the Electrotechnology Department, I will definately be showing this to all of my students from now on. Hopefully they will take note and avoid anymore tradgic stories like Tim's. Thank you Bill for sharing your life - hopefully by watching Tim's story accidents such as Tim's will be prevented.

Well done, I don't think there are enough gutsy people this man who will stand up in the most difficult of situations and bare thier soul to help others. Should be Australian of the year in my opinion. Tim's legacy will last and make a huge difference to both young and old. None of us think "that might happen to me" well I was one and I have changed my tune after seeing this. I will die soon enough without a work accident. Thank you Bill and your team, thank you sooo much!

Congratulations to the department for making such a moving tool for safety.
I went to the launch of this safety video/testament to young Tim Martins life, last Friday morning and while it is a video of an electrical fatality it can be used to highlight the failures of a number of factors which led to the accident for any industry.

Tim was a young (17 years 4 months old ) apprentice electrician working under a supervisor who was only about 20 years old.

The failures of the Management System such as effective management systems, risk management system/process guided by the employers company, adequate effective and experienced supervision, as well as the fact the induction is only the start and you cannot teach/show in a short induction how to ensure effective hazard identification is in place: are all lessons that a committed safety manager or supervisor could pass on to their workers by utilising this video.

We do not need to keep having such accidents and making such safety videos to ensure that ALL employers have systems in place to ensure all workers work safely and can go home to their families every day.
dallo CFMEU
Greg Dalliston

As a father who lost his two eldest children in a car accident, at 20 and 18, I know some of the pain you are going through. Life will never be the same. You've delivered a powerful message here that may save others from the same experience, my hat is off to you. My heart goes out to you.
Geoff Barby

As a father I found this incredibly moving, as a health and safety proffessional in the electrical industry the story reminded me of the reason we push hard to continually improve the standard of safety in the industry - I wont stop pushing

Very moving story.
A lot of courage to share this, We can never replace our loved ones.

This video should be made mandatory to watch for electrical apprentices at tafe and anyone obtaining a electrical licence. There is a similar video called " Remember Charlie" which is also a great tool to bring these messages across.Thank you Bill.

A very sad event which should have been avoided. I think this video should be shown to all electrical apprentices just to give an understanding of possible dangers in the work place.

Wow! What a moving story. This movie should be shown on every tv channel. The public need to know the risk involved in electrical work near exposed live parts, not just the apprentices or the tradies of apprentices. Very strong message. Thank you Bill for Tim's Story.

Thank you for sharing your story, this accident is very well known and discussed regularly as an example of the fact only milliseconds separate life and death with electrical work.

Something that should be added is there is that anyone working in close proximity to power and in this case high voltage, should be absolutely aware of their surroundings as they are putting their lives and the lives of other people at risk working around power.

This is a very sad accident that should never have happened, and would not have happened if the guys had looked at the hazards on the site and carried out a proper analyses of the work zone prior to commencing work.

A clear message also should go to industry that spells out how being overtired plus the potential risk you are putting yourself and other workers at by, working tired or after a big night out.

I feel for Tim's family and also his employer as this accident was not caused by them, but they all have to live with this.

Remember, look up and live, and mates look out for mates.

A powerful and important film. To all those involved - thank you! It doesn't lecture, speak down to young people or bore them with stats. It will touch all those who see it and really make them think. This film is a behaviour changer. It will make a difference. It will save lives.
Lyn C.

Very powerfull story should be placed on TV for all to see, this will form part of our safety induction,Very sorry for your loss Bill, there are too many Deaths and Injuries that can be avoided.

My Son is a third year apprentice Electrician, I teach Dip & Cert IV in OHS after hours & I am a Snr Inspector. I will promote this video every where I can.

Thanks Bill for being strong to make this film, this message will go to everyone in our Project and will also go out to our family's and friends. No one deserved to go to work and get hurt; powerful message, again if you are not sure ask the question. THANK YOU Bill.

Bill, my heart goes out to you and I feel for your loss. Take comfort in the knowledge that Tim's story has the potential to save lives. This film is a useful tool in educating those involved with developing and implementing safe management systems in the workplace. A must see for all levels of management.

Mr Martin, I would like to thank you for allowing us to listen to your story and in turn allowing everyone else the option to learn from your experience and hopefully understand that safety is everyone's responsibility.

Takes courage to share your story and "Thank You". This should be taken to schools and TAFE's as should start from this base.Hope there are plans for this message to be presented in colleges

I attended the opening presentation this morning and found the movie very moving, actually it hit home very well, i didnt see a dry eye in the place. I will be holding viewing sessions for our staff. thankyou for putting this together.
Greg Collis

Being an electrical tafe teacher I am moved by this production. This will become part of my electrical safety delivery to electrical apprentices. Bill your message will be used so Tim's tragic accident does some good.

Too emotional to talk so will write down my thoughts. If it was my son I would have wanted to die with him. To live on would be unimaginable. The problem does lie with safety & short cuts but what the clients dont want to pay for this they just want the cheapest quote. so do it safely or not at all no matter what the money cost is because your son is price less.

Moving story! I am in the training field. I cant wait to share it with as many people as we can.
My thoughts are with you!

Thank you so much for sharing your tragic story. As a mum of a first year apprentice, I will be making sure my son's sees this....thank you....thank you....thank will save lives with this powerful message. I will share this !

Thanks Bill for being strong enough to make this film.

We have to use fibreglass insulated ladders for all electrical work. It should be made mandatory that all EPs used for electrical work live or dead be fully insulated. This was caused by negligence and lack of a quick risk assessment.
George M.

It is definitely a eye opener for the Industry. I will make sure on our next Tool Box meeting my employees will be watching this unfortunate tragedy.

The story that was told by Bill was straight from the heart. Great message to pass on. Not only has the message been sent to all my work mates its really getting the message across.
Thank you for inviting me.

I have just watched this film, this message has to go to everyone, it is not only electrical but all jobs home or work.

As an electrician who has lost a couple of work mates due to electrocution and been lucky myself a couple of times its very sad to see and I will circulate this video to many others around the world on our HSE network, so his death is not in vain. This isn't just a warning to young blokes this is for all blokes who work in and around electricity. As a worker, always stop the work if you think its unsafe, never bend to pressure, it's your life
John P.

I applaud the department and Tim's Dad for making and distributing this video showcasing the issues surrounding Tim's unfortunate and preventable death, as a Crane Manager for the previous 9 yrs and having two colleagues pass away from electrocution - I have always instilled the necessity for compliance and knowledge of proximity zones whilst operating mobile cranes and equipment. This short video will be presented to my Crane Crew and Riggers as a justly reminder of the ultimate consequence for unplanned and non-compliant tasks.
Kind regards

saw the film launch, well presented, very sad, Bill Martin, a brave effort to go through with the project, very obvious he does not want any other parent to have to suffer the way he does with the loss of a son or daughter.
I've passed the link for the video to our safety dept, a must watch for anyone who cares about safety in the workplace.
John Ryan

I can't adequately gather my thoughts at the moment… Man, what a powerful and incredibly moving video production. It's one of the best safety messages I've seen produced. I know it would have a powerful impact on our employees - and would very likely help save some young lives.

Thank you so much Bill, for sharing this heartbreaking story, your courage is not wasted. My husband and sons are on the tools and I've just had all of us watch this film together. After the tears we made a commitment to always come home safe to each other. Thank you.
Sonja K.

I can't believe this would happen in this day and age! It just goes to show that you have to be thinking all the time - not just for your self but for your mates. Good on you Bill. My son is in high school and he'll be watching this tonight when he gets home. Every school-leaver should see it.
Grant S.

This film hit me like a punch to the guts. Bill you are brave and your beautiful son - I can't find the words ... Your message got to me, and I'll be taking this to our next team meeting at work. We have young guys on the job here, and I don't ever want one of their dads trying to deal with something like that.
Tony M.

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