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Transferred claims - Insurer transferring

Data Management – Are you transferring claims to another insurer?

If you are transferring claims to another insurer, there are some important steps you must be aware to ensure the transfer does not create unnecessary data issues.

Some data management steps to assist you with managing the transfer of claims and the data entry processes of claims transferred to another insurer are:

  • Identify all claims to be transferred to the other insurer.
  • Resolve all validation errors documented in the Validation report prior to the transfer of claims. The new insurer will inherit any errors that have not been resolved.
  • Ensure all data entry is as up-to-date as possible prior to the transfer. This should include claim determinations and the payment of outstanding accounts.
  • Provide a list of all transferred claims to the new insurer at the time of transfer. This should include identifying all active claims.
  • Determine the final month the data is to be submitted to the Workers' Compensation Regulator under your self-insurance licence. No further activity on transferred claims are to be submitted to us after the transfer date.
  • Active/open claims are to be reported to the Workers' Compensation Regulator in the final submission as open claims. They are not to be closed as a result of a pending transfer.
  • After the final data submission, insurers may wish to finalise transferred claims. This can be completed but the information is not to be reported to the Workers' Compensation Regulator. The data that you provide to us in the last data submission is the starting point for the new insurer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Claims where the validation or exception are not resolved prior to the transfer will continue to appear on your licence report until the transferred claim is entered on the new insurers system with the previous insurer details and reported to the Workers' Compensation Regulator.

No. Claims still active/open at the time of transfer are to be reported to the Workers' Compensation Regulator as such.

No. The claim is now transferred and the ongoing liability, regardless of the date of service, is now the responsibility of the new insurer. Any accounts, reports or claim requests should be forwarded to the new insurer.

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