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Apply to register plant or renew registration

New registration

To submit a new application for plant that needs to be registered, you can:

You will need to lodge a separate form for each item of plant to be registered.

What happens after I submit a new application?

  1. Your application will be processed and fees calculated.
  2. You will be sent an invoice to request payment, if no immediate payment is made the invoice will be sent to the person with management or control of the plant.
  3. A certificate of registration will be sent to the person with management or control of the plant once payment has been processed.
  4. Registration is valid up to 31 January from the day it is granted, subject to payment of an annual fee and the lodgement of the renewal application.
  5. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) will send an application form for renewal before expiry of the registration.

Renewal of registration

The renewal portal has now closed for 2020.

If you have not lodged the renewal application for your plant items, the plant records associated with the renewal have been ended.

If registration of your plant items is still required, please follow the process at the top of this page for submitting an Application for registration of registrable plant (Form 8) for each registrable plant item.