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High risk work licensing: training and assessment

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You cannot carry out any class of high risk work (HRW) unless you hold the relevant HRW Licence (HRWL). Find out what HRWL you need.

There are a number of exceptions to the requirement to hold a HRWL:

  • A person is enrolled in the applicable course and under the direct supervision of a HRWL holder of the same class.
  • A person who has successfully passed the HRWL assessment and been issued with certification that is not more than 60 days old and awaiting a decision.
  • A person who has made application for a HRWL within 60 days of their successful assessment for the class.
  • A person carrying out work involving plant solely for the purpose of the manufacturer, testing, trialling, installation, commissioning, maintenance, servicing, repair, alteration, demolition or disposal of the plant at the workplace or moving the plant within the workplace and the plant is operated/used without load except when standard weight loads with predetermined fixing points are used for calibration of the plant.
  • Loading or unloading plant from a vehicle used to move it.
  • Work carried out on a heritage boiler.
  • A person applying load estimation and slinging techniques don't have to hold a dogger licence if they held a valid authorisation under the repealed legislation to operate a remote control bridge or gantry crane with a maximum of three powered operations when the load being lifted is within the view of the person operating (only when operating aforementioned crane).

What a HRWL looks like

Valid HRW licence

A valid HRWL will have the following features:

  • photograph
  • date the card was originally produced
  • expiry date
  • all endorsements.

If the card does not have an expiry date or photograph then it is no longer valid.

Invalid HRW licences

Duration of a HRWL

A HRWL is valid for 5 years (unless cancelled). The duration of the licence is not reset when you add a class.

How do I know if a HRWL is valid?

Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must not allow a person to conduct HRW unless that person holds an appropriate licence.

PCBUs should ensure they view the physical card and keep a copy on the worker's file.

In addition, PCBUs may wish to check the validity of the licence and the classes included by calling us on 1300 362 128 or by using the online search function.

If you identify any issues with the validity of the HRWL then do not allow the worker to conduct the work and provide details to WHSQ.

How do I get a HRWL?

Visit Apply for a high risk work licence for full information.

Renew a HRWL

Visit High Risk Work Licence Online Services to renew your HRW licence.

Licence holders will receive a renewal notice by post and email four to six weeks before the expiry of their licence. You must ensure that your contact details are up to date within 14 days of the change occurring. Failure to do so may result in your renewal notice being sent to the wrong address and/or a fine.

Because applications for renewal of a HRW licence are lodged online; applicants will need a QGOV/Google/Microsoft account AND a customer reference number (CRN) from TMR (e.g.: driver's licence, proof of age card). Persons without a CRN from TMR can still lodge and will be contacted by WHSQ.

If a licence holder lodges their application prior to, or on, the expiry date, their licence remains valid until a decision has been made by the regulator.

You have 12 months after the expiry of your licence to lodge an application for renewal. However, if the application is lodged after the expiry date the licence is no longer valid and you are not authorised to perform the work of the licence class.

Applications for renewal are not accepted 12 months after the expiry date (unless extenuating circumstances exist). You would need to attend an RTO and complete the training and assessment before lodging a new application.

Note: Australia Post outlets do not process applications to renew High Risk Work licences

Replacement licence

Visit High Risk Work Licence Online Services to replace your HRW licence.

You must notify WHSQ as soon as reasonable if your licence is lost, stolen, or destroyed. A replacement fee is payable.

Reassessment of competency

WHSQ may direct a licence holder to get reassessed if the regulator reasonably believes that the person may not be competent to perform the work covered by the class.

Examples of this include:

  1. The training or assessment did not meet the standard required.
  2. WHSQ receives information that you have carried out HRW incompetently.

If you don't obtain a successful reassessment of your competency by the nominated date you may have your licence suspended or cancelled.

You must return the licence card to WHSQ upon written request. If you fail to hand in your licence you may be fined.