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Overseas applicants

Offshore technical skills record

Applicants seeking an electrical work licence based on trade training and qualifications completed in countries other than Australia and New Zealand will need to have their skills and qualification assessed under a Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) by a TRA approved registered training organisation (RTO).

Successful applicants will be issued with an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) for the relevant trade (e.g. electrician). For more information visit:

Applicants holding an OTSR will be issued with an electrical work training permit and will need to liaise with an RTO to undertake the Australian minimum gap training required to obtain the licence.

Once a completion statement is provided from the RTO confirming the gap training is complete and the applicant meets additional requirements such as resuscitation and rescue training the applicant will be eligible for a licence.

Australian Recognised Trade Certificate

Australian Recognised Trade Certificates (ARTC) were issued by TRA until 1 September 2014. Although no longer issued the ESO still accepts ARTC certificates.

For more information on applying for an electrical work licence on the basis of your OTSR or ARTC go to: Other work licence applications

Restricted electrical work licences

Applicants may also be eligible for certain restricted electrical work licences based on their overseas qualifications. For example, a person holding a Bachelor of Electrical or Electronic engineering issued by an overseas university may be eligible for a restricted electrical work licence limited to electronic equipment. Applicants will need to provide a copy of their overseas qualification and academic transcript in English.

For more information on applying for a restricted electrical work licence on the basis of your overseas qualifications go to: Restricted electrical work licence applications

More information: