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Electrical contractor licences

You must have an electrical contractor licence to provide electrical work for others as a sole trader, in partnership or corporation.

Eligibility requirements

Information on eligibility requirements for an electrical contractor licence can be found in Section 48 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 (the ES Regulation).

An electrical contractor licence is issued for one year.

It is your responsibility as an electrical contractor to ensure you maintain eligibility throughout this time.

To maintain an electrical business licence, a business needs:

They can be the same person and both are endorsed on the electrical contractor licence.

An electrical contractor licence will be cancelled if there is no qualified business and/or technical person attached to the licence for a period of one month.

How to apply

You should read the guidelines found with the application for a Form 18 - Application for a Queensland electrical contractor licence(PDF, 1067.83 KB) before you apply.

Make sure all information is included and that you:

  • meet insurance requirements
  • make a declaration that your insurance policy / policies are available for auditing purposes and that your insurance meets Section 51 of the ES Regulation or submit a Certificate of Currency(PDF, 90.02 KB)
  • provide the required proof of identity for the qualified business person and qualified technical person
  • include the fee as listed on the application form
    • Cheques or money orders should be made payable to 'The Electrical Safety office'; credit card facilities are also available.

Mail your application

Electrical Safety Office, Licence Processing Services
PO Box 820

Insurance requirements for an electrical contractor

Electrical contractors are required, under Section 51 of the ES Regulation to have a contract of insurance approved by the chief executive.

You must have a certificate of currency from your insurer that confirms you have a policy with broadform public and products liability with:

  • a limit of indemnity of at least $5,000,000
  • consumer protection insurance of at least $50,000.

This policy must cover all of the following:

  • liability arising from testing and certification of work in accordance with the ES Regulation
  • injury or damage arising from faulty design work performed by you including where you did not charge a specific fee for such design work
  • injury or damage arising from incorrect advice including where you did not charge a specific fee for such advice
  • goods in your care, custody or control.

Where can I check if I have this insurance?

You can check that your business insurance policy has these items listed separately as an inclusion of your insurance cover.

If not, contact your insurance provider/broker to have this cover provided.

When you apply or renew your licence you will make a declaration on the form to state that your insurance policy meets these mandatory requirements.

From time to time the Electrical Safety Office conducts audits to ensure that contractors are complying with this legislation. In the event of an audit you will need to provide a copy of your insurance policy or a Certificate of Currency(PDF, 90.02 KB) from your insurance provider.

Renew/reinstate electrical contractor licence

Information on how to renew or reinstate your electrical contractor licence

Update person on contractor licence

Update the qualified business person or qualified technical person on your electrical contractor licence.

Last updated
02 March 2018

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