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Buying plant?

When buying an item of plant there are certain things you should consider before the purchase, including:

  • does the plant require registration?
  • does it require plant design registration?

Does the plant require registration?

View a list of plant types requiring registration to see if the plant needs to be registered.

If yes, has it been registered by the previous owner (what is the plant registration number)?

When plant ownership changes, the person who holds the certificate of registration for registrable plant must notify Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) that they no longer have management or control of the plant.

The new owner will then be required to register the plant they have just purchased.

You must submit your application for registration and have this approved before the plant can be used at a workplace.

Does it require plant design registration?

Check to see if the plant requires plant design registration.

For a newly designed plant, you must submit an application for registration of registrable plant design.

You should request evidence of plant design registration if this has been previously submitted and a design registration number issued. This evidence could include:

  • the design registration number clearly marked on the piece of plant
  • a certificate of design registration issued by the WHSQ or another work health and safety (WHS) jurisdiction
  • a design registration number issued by WHSQ or another WHS jurisdiction (phone 1300 362 128 to confirm that the plant registration number is valid).

If modifications have been made to the plant design since its registration, you will need to resubmit a design registration.

Last updated
05 February 2018

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