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Training permits

An electrical work training permit allows you to do particular training and gain the experience you need to be eligible for an electrical work licence.

As a training permit holder, you may need to complete a structured on-the-job program coordinated by a supervising registered training organisation (RTO).

Your training for a qualification or statement of attainment for electrical licence eligibility must include practical assessments of competencies. This assessment will use:

  • electrical industry endorsed training packages
  • relevant electro technology tools and equipment.

The RTO must have relevant electro technology resources for you to be deemed competent and provide you with a qualification or statement of attainment.

Who doesn't need a training permit?

You don't need a permit to complete training if you're:

  • an electrical apprentice
  • a trainee in an approved program
  • a student of electrical work being supervised by teaching staff at an approved university, college or school.

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