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Appealing a licensing decision

If you are refused an electrical licence or have conditions or restrictions placed on the licence, you may seek a review of the decision or appeal the decision.

You have 14 days to appeal once you receive the decision.

Lodge an application for internal review (PDF, 0.27 MB).

Your application number can be found at the top of the letter you received informing you that your licence application was unsuccessful and the reasons given.

This is your opportunity to mount a case for the decision to be changed:

  • Address the reasons that the Office of Industrial Relations gave for refusing or restricting your licence.
  • Provide documented evidence to support your case, such as
    • copies of course results
    • statements from employers
    • copies of interstate electrical licences
  • New documentary evidence which was not provided with the original application cannot be accepted. New documentary evidence will require a new application for an electrical licence to be lodged and assessed.

The copies need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations or similar.

Late applications

If your application for a review is lodged after 14 days, you will have to give reasons for the delay. These reasons will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to proceed with a late application.

You cannot apply for review after two months of being told of the decision.

What happens next?

The Electrical Licensing Committee is an independent statutory committee that hears reviews on licensing decisions and takes disciplinary action in relation to electrical licences. The process is as follows:

  1. You will receive written confirmation of your application once the Electrical Licensing Committee is satisfied there is sufficient information to hear the review.
  2. The committee will review your application at the next available meeting.
  3. A review decision will be made that either confirms or changes the original decision or sets aside the original decision and makes a decision in its place.
  4. You will be advised in writing, within 14 days, of the decision.

If you still disagree with the outcome, you may appeal to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.