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Electrical work licence (permit holders)

An electrical work training permit allows you to do training so you can be eligible to apply for an electrical work licence.

As a permit holder you may need to complete a structured on-the-job and off-the-job training program coordinated by a supervising registered training organisation.

When you complete this training the supervising Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will send your completion statement to the Licence Processing Service Unit in the Electrical Safety Office (ESO).

You will then apply for an electrical licence using the Form 31 - Application for electrical work licence – permit holder (PDF, 108.7 KB).

You will not be required to pay a second application fee if the ESO:

  • receives a completion statement and an application for electrical work licence (permit holders) within six months of the permit issue date, and
  • holds evidence of (or is included with the application) your current competence in resuscitation (and rescue if required).

If your completion statement is issued after six months from the permit issue date then you will have to pay the $78.35 fee.

You must submit a full and complete application. Read the guidelines and provide all the information requested.

Incomplete or incorrect applications may be considered withdrawn. Some of your application fee will be retained to offset administrative costs.

What you need to include:

  • Issued permit number and expiry date (if you have held multiple permits provide your most recent permit number).
  • Supervising RTO name and student number.
  • Complete the dates for resuscitation competence.
  • The $78.35 fee if the permit date and the completion statement date are more than six months.
Last updated
19 August 2016

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