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Costs to register plant

Plant registrations are renewed annually.

The following table sets out the annual fees for registrable plant from Schedule 2 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

Application for registration or renewal of registration of an item of plant, for each year for: Fee*
Apply to register plant or renew registration
A boiler with a heating surface of:
(i) not more than 5m2 99.22
(ii) more than 5m2 but not more than 10m2241.26
(iii) more than 10m2 but not more than 60m2379.27
(iv) more than 60m2 but not more than 500m2724.19
(v) more than 500m2 but not more than 2000m21267.76
(vi) more than 2000m22159.22
A pressure vessel with a capacity of:
(i) not more than 0.5m3 nil
(ii) more than 0.5m3 but not more than 5m3108.86
(iii) more than 5m3 but not more than 15m3186.03
(iv) more than 15m3 but not more than 30m3275.81
(v) more than 30m3372.38
A tower crane including self-erecting tower crane with a safe working load of:
(i) not more than 10t 199.70
(ii) more than 10t but not more than 50t 427.39
(iii) more than 50t 530.95
A lift:
(i) for a service lift, other than in domestic premises 77.33
(ii) for a lift other than a service lift or lift in domestic premises 132.29 plus 30.95 for each floor
(iii) for a lift in domestic premises nil
(iv) for an escalator 103.24
A building maintenance unit 110.24
An amusement device classified as:
(i) a class 2 amusement device mentioned in AS 3533.1, other than a coin-operated amusement device 199.70
(ii) a class 3 amusement device mentioned in AS 3533.1 310.37
(iii) a class 4 amusement device mentioned in AS 3533.1 427.39
(iv) a class 5 amusement device mentioned in AS 3533.1 427.39
A concrete placing boom 199.70
A mobile crane mentioned in schedule 5, part 2, section 3, item 3.8 with a safe working load of:
(i) more than 10t but 50t or less 427.39
(ii) more than 50t 530.95
*On 1 July 2023 fees and charges made pursuant to the Queensland Treasury Principles for Fees and Charges (October 2021) have increased by 3.4%, as per the annual Government Indexation Rate (GIR) for the 2023-24 financial year.