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Design verification

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What is design verification?

Verification is a process where a person or persons conducts a review of the design documentation for a particular model of plant. This is done to determine if the design complies with the technical design standard specified for the plant.

It should include a review of:

  • design calculations
  • detailed design drawings including material specifications and manufacturing requirements
  • circuit diagrams
  • visual examination
  • testing of the plant.

The person who conducts the review is known as the design verifier.

The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (the Regulation) requires that the design verifier document the process and the results of the verification.

An example of what should be included is:

  • name and position of the design verifier
  • professional qualifications of the design verifier
  • the process used to check the design
  • findings of the design review.

Some items of plant will require competent persons from different engineering disciplines to be involved in the review (e.g. a crane may require a structural engineer, a mechanical engineer and an electrical engineer to review the different aspects of the design). Where applicable, the design verifier must declare the involvement of another competent person and provide their details.

The Regulation requires design verification to be carried out for any plant listed in Part 1 of Schedule 5.

Who can be the design verifier?

As per the Regulation, the verifier must be a competent person and must not have been involved in the production of the design or engaged by the design company at the time the design was developed.

They will give the outcomes of their review in sections 7 of the Form 14 - Application for registration of plant design (PDF, 0.2 MB) . They must also sign the declaration in section 8.

A competent person for design verification, under section 252 of the Regulation, means a person who has the skills, qualifications, competence and experience to design the plant or verify the design.

An example of someone who meets these criteria is a suitably qualified and experienced professional engineer.

You can check if a person is a registered engineer by contacting the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ number) or a member of Engineers Australia.

Note: a person must not carry out professional engineering services in Queensland unless they are a registered professional engineer under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 (Qld). For more information go to the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland.

If the design verifier was working for the designer at the time the design was produced, the person is not able to be the design verifier unless the work was completed under a certified quality management system. The certificate details will be required with any applications made under these circumstances.

Locate a design verifier

The following organisations can assist by providing you with the details of professional engineers (design verifiers) in your area:

Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland

Level 15, 53 Albert Street
Phone: (07) 3198 0000

Institute of Engineers Australia - Queensland Division

Level 9, 340 Adelaide Street
PO Box 864
Phone: 1300 653 113

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)

628 Ipswich Road
Phone: (07) 3721 7300

National Engineering Registration Board

The Registrar
11 National Circuit
Phone: 1300 653 113