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Rehabilitation roles and responsibilities

The recovery and return to work process after a work-related injury or illness is a team effort. Working together is key when it comes to getting you back to work and life back to normal.

As well as your employer, there are other people who will help you such as your work supervisor, your doctor or an allied health professional, and your insurer. Workplace specialists like rehabilitation providers and Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators will be involved too.

Knowing who these people are and what they (and you) are responsible for, will ensure the best support is given.

Working as a team means any challenges can be discussed and solved together.

View our glossary for support Understanding rehabilitation and return to work terms, roles and responsibilities (PDF, 0.41 MB). This document establishes a consistent understanding of rehabilitation and return to work terminology, roles, and responsibilities for all scheme stakeholders.

As a worker

You should be involved with the planning of your return to work from the start. This increases the likelihood that your recovery and return to work will be a success. As well as focusing on getting better, setting goals for returning to your normal job is an important step.

You should also communicate openly and honestly about your injury and how you are feeling. Your full responsibilities can be found on our Worker commitments page.

As an employer

Most importantly, you need to support your worker in returning to work. By understanding their injury and being prepared to be flexible, you can strike a balance between doing what’s right for your worker and what’s good for your business.

You can find your full responsibilities on our Employer obligations page.

Who else is involved?

Other people who will be / are likely to be involved in your rehabilitation and recovery are:

  • Worker’s supervisor
  • Rehabilitation and return to work coordinator
  • Insurer: WorkCover Queensland or a self-insured employer
  • Health providers
  • Injury management coordinator

To see what these people are required to do, see Other roles in your rehabilitation.