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Specialist medical review

If your treating doctor thinks your injury or illness is something they can’t treat themselves, you’ll be referred to a specialist for further review and to treat your injury.

WorkCover Queensland may also choose to send you for an independent specialist review as part of your claim process.

A specialist is a medical practitioner who is an expert in a particular area of medicine. You’ll be sent to one who deals primarily with your kind of injury or illness.

What do they do?

Specialists can include different types of surgeons (like orthopaedic surgeons, hand surgeons, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and more), psychiatrists, and other medical professionals who specialise in things like spinal injuries.

Review by a specialist is to work out the treatment that is best for you and your injury. This could mean being referred to work with a physiotherapist or, in more serious cases, could mean surgery.

What can I expect?

Your specialist will run any tests they feel necessary such as an MRI or CAT scan as well as motion tests, where appropriate, to see how you respond.

This will not only help decide the best course of treatment but also what you are capable of doing. This information is important when putting together a return to work or suitable duties plan.

Your specialist will discuss your treatment options with you before a decision is made.