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Adjustment to injury counselling

Your mental health is a vital part of your recovery and rehabilitation. If you’re finding things hard, WorkCover can help you with Adjustment to Injury Counselling as further support.

Why might I need counselling?

Experiencing a work-related injury or illness can be difficult, or in some cases even traumatic. You might not be coping with your injury or illness or adjusting to lifestyle changes.

Your employer, WorkCover, your health provider, or a family member could have noticed that you’re having trouble.

Feeling like this is normal in some cases, but it's important that it’s recognised so that proper support can be offered.

What is Adjustment to Injury Counselling (ATIC)?

Adjustment to Injury Counselling involves talking with a provider such as:

  • a psychologist
  • a Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • a social worker with a tertiary degree in social work.

The purpose of Adjustment to Injury Counselling is to help you understand your injury better and to teach you coping strategies.

This is with the end goal of getting you back to work and normal life.

How do I know if I need counselling?

You might need counselling support if you're:

  • very pain focused
  • experiencing anxiety or mood swings
  • not wanting to leave your home or are not taking part in usual activities
  • feeling you don’t have a support network
  • confused or not understanding information
  • having flashbacks or nightmares
  • scared of treatment or surgery that has been suggested or approved.

For more information on Adjustment to Injury Counselling, please speak to your contact at WorkCover Queensland.