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Employment Connect program

Our aim, wherever possible, is to help you get back to work after a work-related injury or illness.

This can mean you returning to your normal job or sometimes to a different role with your usual employer.

There are some cases where you might not be able to do either of those things by the time your claim with us ends. This can be for medical reasons or because your relationship with your employer may have broken down. Your employer might have had to employ someone else to keep their business running. Sometimes there can be other barriers.

What happens then?

If your claim has ended but you’re not back at work because of your injury, we may still be able to assist you in returning to the workforce. Employment Connect is a program we run that will help increase your chances of finding a new job and getting life back to normal.

How does it work?

WorkCover will talk to you about the program when your claim ends to work out if you’re eligible. If you are it’s up to you whether you want to take part or not.

We’ll discuss your goals and how to make sure the program works for you and what you want to achieve.

You’ll have access to a variety of services to help increase your employability. These may include assistance from consultants specialising in return to work, funding for courses to support upskilling, and job preparation and placement help. Available services will be tailored to your situation and goals.

We encourage your independence but will support you every step of the way, throughout the program and with follow up afterwards.

You can find out more about Employment Connect by talking to your Customer Advisor or by calling 1300 362 128.