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Some work-related injuries are quite serious and may need surgery in order to get you back to work and normal life. Your GP will have referred you to a specialist if they feel this might be the case.

How will I know if I need surgery?

Your specialist will let you know if surgery is the best treatment for you. But being referred to a surgeon or other specialist for review doesn’t always mean surgery will be the outcome.

The decision to operate is only made if medically necessary. There may be other options (like physiotherapy) that are as effective in your recovery. Surgery is a serious decision and there can be risks.

Who will be involved?

If surgery is needed, your specialist will manage the process and liaise with WorkCover where appropriate. We understand it can be a concerning time. You’ll be supported through the surgery and on to your rehabilitation and recovery.

If you’re having trouble adjusting to your injury, speak to your contact at WorkCover and they’ll discuss some options that might help with your recovery journey.

What is covered?

Where your claim is concerned, the decision to cover surgery will be made based on medical input and whether it treats the work-related injury specifically.

In addition to the surgery itself, there are other costs relating to your surgery that may be covered to support you. You can find more information on the claims process in our Claims and insurance section.