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Planning a return to work

Getting you back to work and to normal life is more likely to be successful if you have input into the planning early.

Your employer should have been in touch with you straight away to support you. This is called early intervention and helps with a quick and safe recovery.

If you haven’t heard from them yet, give them a call to chat. Maybe visit your workplace, if you’re able. Open communication between you is key.

How does the plan work?

WorkCover Queensland (or your self-insured employer) will work together with you, your employer, and your doctor to put together a rehabilitation and return to work plan. We’ll also manage this with you moving forward, as you recover.

A rehabilitation and return to work plan is a written document. It outlines how we’ll all work together to get you back to work safely and quickly, and in a way that works for you and your employer.

We’ll take a person-centred approach which makes sure your plan is unique to you and your situation.

What goes into my plan?

This plan is different to the suitable duties plan your employer will put together with you. How to do this is covered on the suitable duties page and will make up part of your overall plan.

When developing your plan, we decide together what your goals are, the steps to take to reach them and how long it might take. We also consider how you are feeling and the tasks you and your doctor or specialist say you can and can’t do.

Some things your rehabilitation and return to work plan could include are:

  • your personal details as well as the details of your support person and rehabilitation and return to work coordinator
  • the start and finish date of the suitable duties program
  • your return to work goals
  • any ongoing medical treatment you need
  • the ‘stages’ of return to work as recommended by your doctor
  • your physical and psychological capacity to perform tasks/duties
  • specific work tasks/duties you should avoid
  • any other changes in your workplace that are required to support you
  • a date for review of your plan.

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