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Retraining and reskilling support

If you’re unable to go back to the job you had before your injury or illness, you may need to develop new skills to help you find work in a new role.

WorkCover Queensland may assist you with retraining and reskilling support and help improve or formalise your existing job skills and experience. You may consider developing new skills to stay at work with your pre-injury employer or increase your job prospects to work with a new employer.

What training will WorkCover pay for?

We will consider paying for reasonable and appropriate job training, in line with your:

  • medical restrictions
  • interests
  • skills and
  • employment prospects.

We aim to help you to achieve a sustainable return to work outcome. Please talk to your Customer Advisor for more information on how we can support you.

What happens if I complete my training but cannot find a job?

Before we approve any training, we need to decide whether there may be suitable job opportunities in your area. WorkCover does not provide training for jobs that have limited job vacancies or prospects. We are focused on practical training courses that are likely to secure employment for you in a reasonable time period.

Following training, we recommend participating in host employment to gain some practical experience. We will work with you to help find these opportunities.

We can also arrange for a return to work services provider to help you:

  • prepare your resume
  • write cover letters
  • find suitable roles to apply for and
  • prepare for job interviews.

We can provide you with additional support for up to 6 weeks while you are looking for a job. Please talk to your Customer Advisor for more information.

We recommend registering your details with Centrelink and other employment service providers if you have not secured a new role or returned to work by the time your statutory claim’s finalised.

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