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Suitable duties program

Your suitable duties program will be put together based on your individual situation and needs. Your Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (or other person doing this role) will work it out with you.

What is it?

The program is an official document that clearly sets out the tasks you’ll do as part of your job while you get better. It’ll also state how long you’ll do these tasks for and whether they’ll change as your work fitness improves.

What goes into my suitable duties program?

  • Your personal details and contact information.
  • How long you’ll do suitable duties for (this should match with what your doctor advises on your work capacity certificate or be approved by your treating doctor).
  • Any tasks that will change gradually as you recover and can do more.
  • Whether there are limits or restrictions (guided by advice from your doctor).
  • Whether you need training to do the suitable duties.
  • A date to review and update your program.
  • Everybody involved must approve and sign your program (you, your Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator, your work supervisor, and your treating doctor).

Access a Suitable Duties program template (DOCX, 0.15 MB) to help you and your Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator with putting together your program.