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Work capacity certificate - medical providers

A work capacity certificate helps WorkCover Queensland (or a self-insurer) decide and manage workers' compensation claims and can be submitted online by a medical practitioner on behalf of an injured worker.

Submit certificate to WorkCover

The information you provide on the certificate tells an insurer the relevant medical information about your patient's injury. It includes:

  • diagnosis
  • work capacity
  • information about rehabilitation that can help with planning return to work programs and suitable duties
  • time frames of when treatment and rehabilitation is likely to be complete
  • a clearance certificate stating the work-related injury has resolved or that the worker has a full capacity for work.

Claim applications aren't valid without a complete and current work capacity certificate.

How to access the certificate

This certificate should only be downloaded and completed by an AHPRA registered medical doctor, dentist (oral injury) or nurse practitioner (minor injury).

How to fill it out

Providing your patient with a work capacity certificate shows they have an injury that occurred at work and means they can make a claim with WorkCover (or a self-insurer).

These guidelines (PDF, 0.04 MB) and this video will help you complete the certificate. Specific advice about completing a certificate for work-related psychological injuries is also available in this video.

Certificates need to be provided at the time of consultation. Backdated certificates are only considered when:

  • a certificate is issued after a consultation for the same injury, with the date and details of the prior consultation also included
  • you're satisfied that, on the dates listed, the worker would've needed medical treatment and/or was incapacitated for work because of the work-related injury.

Focus on capacity

Telling an insurer what a person is able to do, rather than what they can't, helps with planning a return to work and suitable duties. This supports a timely and safe return to work.

Submitting it to WorkCover

You can submit a work capacity certificate to WorkCover on behalf of a worker (with their consent) through the online portal.

Submit certificate

Who uses the certificate?

The certificate is used as a communication tool by all the rehabilitation and return to work team. This team includes you, the worker, insurer, employer, allied health provider/s, doctors and other stakeholders.

Insurers use it to:

  • decide and manage the workers compensation claim
  • know what type of treatment and rehabilitation is needed to support recovery and return to work
  • identify and align suitable duties to the worker's injuries.

Employers use it to:

  • understand their employee's injury
  • assist in the identification of suitable duties.

Injured workers use it to:

  • understand their injury, time frames and treatment required.

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