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Electronic invoicing (B2B)

Medical and allied health practitioners can bill us directly through the use of the electronic invoicing function in their practice management software.

By submitting your invoice electronically, we can provide you with more efficient and timely services. Which means

  • it significantly reduces your invoice administration time requirements
  • it improves your ability to track invoices
  • you get paid faster.

Save time with electronic invoicing


  • We provide insurance cover to support injured workers recover and return to work in a timely and safe way.
  • Registered medical and allied health providers submit invoices for payment by WorkCover for products and services they have provided to the injured workers.
  • Over the life of a claim, a number of invoices will be presented to us from one of the treatment and rehabilitation team.
  • We receive and processes approximately one million claim-related invoices annually through our internal invoicing system.

Software vendors

The following practice management vendors have set up this function within their software.


Practice management software

Electronic invoicing (B2B) ready?

Best Practice Bp Premier version Indigo and later Yes
Genie Genie Solutions Yes
Chameleon Casemanager Yes
VINCI Software VINCI Yes
Gensolve Gensolve Practice Manager Yes
Kinnect IT Proprietary solution Yes
Smartsoft Frontdesk Yes
Halaxy Halaxy Yes
Shexie Shexie Platinum Yes
Tyro / MedipassVariousYes
HiCAPSVarious integrations supportedYes

Find out more

If you are interested to know more about setting up a B2B solution, please call WorkCover on 1300 362 128 or email us at