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Provider management plans

A provider management plan tells us about the progress, ongoing rehabilitation needs and realistic goals of an injured worker. The focus is on improving the injured worker’s capacity for an early, safe and sustainable return to work.

If return to work is not likely, the focus should shift to the goal of maximising independent functioning.

Download the provider management plan template (PDF, 0.04 MB).

Once completed, you can submit it online through Provider Connect.


If you don't have a Provider Connect account, you can register for one or send your provider management plan using our online services.

Approval process

By giving us clear information, a good overview of the injury and your recommended treatment plan, we can better support the rehabilitation and return to work journey.

We'll review the plan and consider all the current medical advice and rehabilitation objectives. The plan may be approved, modified or rejected. We'll chat to you about the decision and provide feedback about ongoing services, when needed.