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Register as a provider

WorkCover Queensland

We partner with service providers to make a positive difference in people's lives.

As a service provider, you'll work with our injured workers to help them get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We rely on your expert advice and guidance to make sure the best outcomes are reached.


Our service providers are health board registered and non-board registered providers. Explore the sections below to find which providers are approved to work with us.

As an approved provider you can register with us and then use our online services to work with us.

Approved registered providers include:

  • medical practitioners
  • dentists
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • psychologists
  • counsellors
  • psychotherapists
  • speech pathologists
  • chiropractors
  • osteopaths
  • podiatrists
  • Chinese medicine practitioners for acupuncture only.

Approved non-board registered providers:

  • exercise physiologists
  • rehabilitation counsellors
  • social workers
  • dieticians
  • diversional therapists
  • job placement providers
  • vocational services providers.

Providers should refer to the relevant table of costs for accreditation and service standards.

While other providers can play a useful role in rehabilitation, we're unable to cover the cost of services provided by:

  • massage therapists
  • natural therapists
  • pilates instructors
  • personal trainers
  • naturopaths
  • homeopaths
  • acupuncturists who are not Chinese medicine practitioners
  • herbalists
  • reflexologists
  • myotherapists
  • hypnotherapists
  • dance or music therapists.

If a service isn't covered the injured worker will be responsible for any costs.

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