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Standard boiler - BS

This licence class includes the operation of a boiler with a single fuel source that does not have a pre-heater, superheater or economiser attached.


A boiler is a vessel or an arrangement of vessels and interconnecting parts, where steam or vapour is generated or where water or other liquid is heated at a pressure above the atmosphere, by the application of fire, the products of combustion, electrical power, or similar means.

It includes the superheaters, reheaters, economisers, boiler piping, supports, mountings, valves, gauges, fittings, controls, the boiler setting and other equipment directly associated with those vessels.

A boiler does not include a fully flooded or pressurised system where water or other liquid is heated to a temperature lower than the normal atmospheric boiling temperature of the liquid.

For the purposes of certification, a boiler ends at the first connection point after the first valve or valve assembly, and does not include:

  • any vessel where the design allows vessel operation deprived of all liquid or vapour that is intended to be heated, without affecting the structure or operation of the vessel
  • a direct-fired process heater.

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