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Restricted electrical work licences/permits (other than apprentices)

Apply for a restricted electrical work licence/permit related to your trade or calling.

Restricted electrical work licences authorise the performance of electrical work incidental to a trade or calling, for example:

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning technicians.
  • Instrumentation and process control technicians.
  • Plumbers working on hot water systems.
  • Gas fitters working on gas appliances.
  • Electronics technicians.
  • Mechanical fitters disconnecting/reconnecting electric motors.

These licences are subject to restrictions or conditions as specified on the licence.

For more information on restricted electrical work licences refer to the Electrical licensing eligibility guide (PDF, 0.67 MB).

A restricted electrical work licence does not permit electrical installation work


  • apply for a restricted electrical work licence,
  • renew a restricted electrical work licence expired longer than 12 months, or
  • add an additional endorsement to your licence,

you will need to submit a Form 21 - Application for a restricted electrical work licence/permit (other than apprentice) (PDF, 0.14 MB) An application fee applies.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • details of any previous work licence history
  • your current contact details
  • details of the type of electrical work you wish to perform
  • relevant qualifications to support your application

You may also need to provide a letter of support from your employer demonstrating an occupational need for the licence. Self-employed persons may need to provide a statutory declaration.

If you have not previously held a Queensland electrical work licence or permit you will need to provide copies of identity documents as per Table 1 on the application form.

You will also need to confirm that you have been trained in resuscitation (CPR) within the last twelve months. You are not required to supply a copy of your CPR certificate with your application but may be required to provide it later for auditing purposes.

You must submit a full and complete application. Incomplete or incorrect applications may result in delays in obtaining your licence or may be considered withdrawn. Some of your application fee may be retained to offset administrative costs.

You can lodge your application by email or mail. Lodgement details are provided on the application form.

Some applicants may need to undertake additional training and may be issued with a twelve month electrical work training permit. Electrical work training permits are issued to allow licence applicants to complete additional training with a registered training organisation (RTO) to obtain their electrical work licence.

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