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Safe Work Month resources

Check out our free resources to help you plan your own health and safety awareness programs at your workplace. While Safe Work Month in October is the perfect time to engage your teams and display safety messaging in your workplace, keep health and safety top of mind 365 days a year with our extensive range of resources.

Campaign kit

Show your support for Safe Work Month 2023:

  1. Download the communication kit (PDF, 1.62 MB)
  2. Download Safe Work Month 2023 Posters for display in your workplace
    SWM Poster
  3. Download and apply the banner to your email signature
    SWM email signature
  4. Download and apply the screensaver to your desktop
    SWM screensaver
  5. Download social media posts
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If you would like to suggest additional resources, please contact us at

Dale Kennedy filmFilms

Use our collection of short films as engaging and educational features at your event, or to start a work health and safety discussion among your team or supply chain partners.

Our documentary films about the impact a workplace safety incident can have on a person and their family, colleagues and friends are good reminders that the most important reason for making your workplace safe, is not at work at all. Here's a selection of our personal story films or visit our YouTube channel for other film resources.

Event recordings

View Work Well 365 Speaker Series 2022 event recordings.

View Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week 2021 event recordings.

View Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week 2020 event recordings.

Industry and topic-specific resources

Postcards thumbnailPostcards

Distribute our inspirational or informative postcards to your team to highlight the most important reasons for staying safe at work, or give them insight into the biggest injury risks in your industry. Request your copies.

There are industry infographic postcards for the agriculture (PDF, 0.31 MB), construction (PDF, 0.3 MB), manufacturing (PDF, 0.28 MB), health (PDF, 0.26 MB) and transport (PDF, 0.33 MB) industries, as well as overall results for Queensland (PDF, 0.29 MB) and work-related mental disorders (PDF, 0.17 MB). Serious electrical incidents – Queensland workers (PDF, 0.33 MB) and Serious electrical incidents – Homeowners and community (PDF, 0.33 MB) postcards highlight the source and cause of serious electrical incidents.


Use our online tools to help you implement positive health and safety change in your workplace.

eToolsWork health and safety eTools - Estimate return on safety investments, and assess the risks from noise, heat stress and hazardous manual tasks in order to keep your workers safe.

  • Return on investment calculator (determine the return on investment of a workplace health and safety intervention)
  • PEforM etool (Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks)
  • MantRA (hazardous manual tasks risk assessment tool)
  • Noise Exposure Calculator (calculate daily noise exposure and guidance on controls)
  • Heat Stress (Basic) Calculator (identify risk factors of heat-related illness)

Healthy places audit tool (PDF, 0.23 MB) – helps you to identify the resources and facilities available and changes you can make to support wellness at work.

People at Work – a tool to help you identify and manage workplace risks to mental health of employees.

Safety fundamentals toolkit – a toolkit for small businesses, including sole traders, that helps you understand your legal obligations and comply with the law to create a safer, healthier and more successful business.