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Live Well Farm Well - Healthy Eating

Healthy and happy people farm better: Steve Lizzio and family at Liverpool River Bananas, Silkwood, NQ, are improving the health of their workers using such programs as Eat It and the 10,000 Steps program. The workers tell their story of how they got involved.

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Live Well Farm Well – Healthy Eating

Voiceover: When you ask banana farm owners, Steven, Sam and Josi Lizzio about what healthy eating means to them they will tell you healthy and happy people who eat well, farm better.

And they would know. Liverpool River Bananas at Silkwood, North Queensland, was one of the first farming enterprises to join the Live Well Farm Well program which is all about creating healthier workplaces for everyone to enjoy; simply and easily.

Diabetes Queensland and Growcom came together with the idea but growers like the Lissios are the champions for change. It is easy to forget you're on a banana farm when you visit Liverpool River Bananas you could be in botanical gardens or in a tropical paradise. Especially when the crew welcomes you with a special recipe for a healthy breakfast, straight from the paddock and onto a barbeque. As they say it can make your body sing. Hey are they ready guys? Yeap. Come on, come have some.

Steven Lizzio: The reason why I got involved with the live well farm well program is that it's not only just so it shows the importance of healthy eating for us as a family, but also our staff, and it was just a good feeling to get our workers involved in something that's so healthy for our industry. The changes that I noticed with the program was that the little information cards that we were given, workers were actually bringing them out at smoko and actually using them for when they went shopping. So it was really informative that the fact that it actually got through to these guys and yeah it really rubbed off really well.

I would definitely recommend the live well farm well program to other farmers for sure. You know not the benefit that I just got for myself but the benefit that it's such a good feeling for the staff and for all farmers out there definitely get behind it, it's a great fresh and new initiative and it's health and it's a really good message to send to the rest of the community.

Josie Lizzio: Well what we found was us being the farmer and our workers wanting to be in this and it was great because they were quite happy about it, they were keen. It made them aware of what they were eating and even they were saying even when they used to go shopping they'd even have a look at the packets to see how much sugar and how much fat content and all it was so I think it's been a great thing.

George Andy: We encourage other participants on other farms to get behind this program because there's a lot of benefits for the workers, benefit in them work, eating healthy, give them a better outlook for work, and in the long run it will be a good win win for the employee and the employer.

Voiceover: Look after your health the way you look after your crops. Live well farm well will show you how to make positive changes in your farming workplace.

RUN TIME: 3 mins 27 seconds