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Category six – Best demonstrated healthy and safe work design (Organisation/business entry)

This award recognises excellence in implementing good work design principles. The design of a healthy and safe workplace is a fundamental part of good governance, environmental and organisational sustainability and optimises relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Entry criteria

Describe the changes your workplace introduced to address the physical, mental and emotional demands of the work, including new systems, tools or process implemented including:

  • The work
    • How healthy and safe work is performed.
    • The task duration, frequency and complexity that affects work, health, safety and wellbeing.
  • The physical work environment
    • Plant, equipment, materials and substances used at work.
    • Vehicles, buildings, structures and places of work.
  • The workers
    • Physical, emotional and psychological capabilities and needs.

Describe the commitment to improving physical, mental and emotional work demands, including but not limited to:

  • Leadership and commitment
    Describe how decision makers and leaders have supported or influenced an integrated approach to work health, safety and wellbeing through good work design such as:
    • providing adequate resources and building capability
    • actively engaging in health, safety and wellbeing
    • encouraging a culture that supports worker participation.
  • Consultation and communication
    Describe how workers have been engaged, including those in the supply chain and networks, including:
    • identifying and managing work health and safety hazards
    • involvement in solutions to improve work health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Hazard identification and assessing worker needs
    Describe the processes involved to identify hazards and how the workplace assesses and controls the risks to workers in all elements of:
    • physical environment
    • biomechanical environment
    • cognitive thought
    • psychosocial environment.

Outline how these hazards have been addressed through good work design.

Describe the outcomes have you achieved from applying good work design principles in your workplace including:

  • improved business efficiencies, productivity and return on investment
  • other achievements such as:
    • improved health and safety
    • reduced injury rates
    • reduction in diseases
    • improved organisational culture.
  • use by stakeholders including:
    • future or current use in other industries
    • supply chain improvements
    • community and/or customer satisfaction.