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Timothy Gallagher

As the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Manager, Tim is responsible for rehabilitation and return to work for all Kelly Services personnel and for auditing those client organisations for which Kelly provides workforce solutions.

Tim led a total re-development of Kelly Services' WHS system between January and September 2017 based on a full review and gap analysis completed in 2016. Part of this project shifted the organisation from a paper-based system to a digital system, 'KellySafe'.

Using evidence-based reporting procedures and protocols, the system delivered significant improvements in data integrity, the efficiency of reporting, real-time information for management decisions, a reduction in total claims costs, improved return to work timeframes and outcomes for workers. The system offers insight and support for risk management too. It flags high-risk clients by accessing real-time data on pre-employment, safety training dates and expiry of certifications. Overall, it has allowed the company to actively reduce the original, significant, economic and legal exposures.

Tim modelled cultural change through his personal support to injured workers and attention to communicating the need for consistent, timely and focused treatment and rehabilitation. He advocated being present with injured workers when they are participating in rehabilitation. He attended patient appointments where appropriate, liaised with providers directly and inspected sites prior to contracts starting.

Tim was instrumental in establishing a preferred medical supplier network for Kelly Services within Southeast Queensland to partner with occupational physicians. This network delivered a significantly quicker return to work outcomes because the providers understand the suitable duties available, as well as being available to review injured workers more quickly.

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Timothy Gallagher:

Kelly Services is a labor hiring and recruitment agency specializing in scientific, industrial, trades, government and commercial. Kelly Services Australia internally have approximately 230 permanent employees and across the temp workforce in Queensland, roughly about 500.

Prior to 2016, there was a workplace, health and safety management system in place in the business. We just thought it needed updating and required a bit more embedding into the company. So that required us to develop a new system from the ground up mirroring off the 4801 standard, accompanying that, we developed a digital alarm platform to implement this across the company.

The digital systems is just an advancement and it makes it easier to use for the company so people at all levels have the requisite information at a click of the button and also provides the leadership team with the statistical data that comes along with the way we track safety and rehabilitation return to work in the company.

One of the things we're really proud of is the relationships we've built with our preferred medical suppliers within the southeast Queensland area. Working with the same Doctors that understand our organization and the type of work our candidates perform has enabled us to achieve better return to work timeframes and a better relationship management, not only with the physicians but with work cover as well.

As of 2017 we've seen a 50% reduction in compensable injuries and the rehabilitation timeframes that were attached to them. So while we had and increase in some LTRs the severity of the those LTRs were significantly reduced and overall cost the company significantly less money.

As with most safety initiatives, top down management support is integral, I was lucky enough with Kelly Services to have full support with the proposal I put forward. So in like 2016 we put together a proposal and presented that to the executive leadership team who are reporting 100% in support of it throughout the whole initiative.

I love being able to help people in rehabilitation return to work in safety. One of the valuable things is the candidates actually acknowledging that Kelly cares for them and that we're here to support them through that rehabilitation process. So that care that we provide the workers shows that Kelly is committed to the rehabilitation return to work process and making sure that not only their needs are taken care of but the organization is taken care of and our clients needs are taken care of as well.