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Terms and conditions

Farm safety calendar competition
  1. The Farm safety calendar competition will be administered by the Queensland Government.
  2. These 'terms and conditions of entry' apply to all entrants, parents/guardians and teachers/schools of the entrants to the Farm safety calendar competition. By participating in the competition, entrants, parents/guardians and teachers/schools of entrants shall be deemed to agree to abide by these terms and conditions and all other rules of the competition.
  3. Entrants must be in enrolled in a Queensland primary school (prep to grade 6) to enter. A Queensland primary school includes a Queensland distance education school.
  4. Entries must be submitted on white paper using the A4 landscape competition template at For the entry to be valid, all fields on the template need to be completed in legible handwriting including the student’s first and last names, grade and school. The entry must have a consent signature from the student’s teacher, parent or guardian.
  5. Hard copy entries must be posted to Strategic Communications, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, GPO Box 69, BRISBANE QLD 4001.
  6. Entries to the competition open on Friday 19 April 2024. All entries must be received by, or postmarked on, Friday 21 June 2024. Any late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the judges.
  7. There is no limit to the number of drawings that entrants can submit.
  8. Judges will have complete discretion in assessing entries, applying the judging criteria, conditions of entry and determining the winners. Criteria include whether the drawing:
    • has a clear safety message
    • is relevant to the risk and solution
    • portrays the safety message correctly
    • is colourful.
  9. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. The judges will aim to select:
    • two winning entries for each of the six safety messages
    • an even spread of age groups, including at least one student from each grade from prep to grade 6
    • winners from around the state, with a strong representation from rural and regional Queensland.
  11. The Queensland Government will not accept any responsibility or liability in respect to lost entries.
  12. Entries will not be returned to entrants.
  13. By entering the competition, each entrant warrants that their entry is the entrant's original work. A teacher, parent or guardian can assist by writing/clarifying the entrant’s safety message if the entrant is unable to do so.
  14. The Queensland Government will ensure that there is no disclosure to any third party of any information provided by an entrant, parent/guardian of entrant and school of entrant and marked 'confidential', except with the prior consent of that entrant or where such a disclosure is authorised or required by law.
  15. All entrants authorise, subject to receipt of prior written notification, the Queensland Government to use the entries (other than confidential information) for any purposes it sees fit including, but not necessarily limited to, promotional purposes which may include being published to the website.
  16. Entrants who breach any of these "terms and conditions of entry" are subject to disqualification.
  17. The twelve winners will be notified by phone to the school phone number provided on the winning entrant's official entry form.
  18. The twelve winners will be publicly announced in October 2024.
  19. The twelve winners will have their entry published in the 2025 Farm safety calendar. Thirty thousand (30,000) copies of the calendar will be distributed for free to Queenslanders.
  20. The twelve winners will receive a $250 gift card for themselves and $500 for their school. Winners will receive gift cards from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland via their school. Schools will receive funds from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland via direct debit to their nominated bank account.