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Category eight – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system (Organisation/business entry)

This award recognises an employer's outstanding efforts and continuous improvement of rehabilitation and return to work by implementing an effective injury management system.

Entries for this award may include rehabilitation and return to work systems that address stay at/return to work and injury reporting procedures, consultation, training, supervision, workplace culture, management commitment, and other elements to manage rehabilitation and return to work.

To be eligible for this award, you must be an employer insured with WorkCover Queensland or a self-insurer in the Queensland workers' compensation scheme and have contributed to the successful rehabilitation and stay at/return to work of injured workers.

Entry criteria

  • What mechanisms are in place to ensure effective collaboration amongst all parties involved in rehabilitation and return to work management?
  • How does the system ensure that a personalised and client-centred approach to return to work management is applied to ensure that a worker's individual circumstances are taken into consideration?
  • How does the system identify the worker's desired goals?
  • How does the system adopt a biopsychosocial approach to injury management? Explain how the system encourages the early identification of biological, psychosocial and socio-economic risk factors?
  • How does the system ensure that early intervention strategies are employed when a barrier to return to work is identified?
  • What communication strategies are in place to ensure that the worker is fully informed about each stage in the process?
  • Explain the processes in place to objectively measure outcomes and evaluate recovery and return to work outcomes.
  • Explain how the solution was monitored and evaluated (testing, evaluation, adjustment)? Detail any hurdles experienced and how they were overcome.
  • What learnings were identified?
  • Explain the effect the solution had on the workplace and how this was measured e.g. training, morale, productivity and safety culture.
  • Provide evidence of how the solution has directly reduced or eliminated risks, improved injury rates, workers' compensation premiums, housekeeping/site appearance, and monitoring, assessment and reporting processes.
  • Can (or has) the solution been applied and adapted in other workplaces, and if so, what feedback have you received?

Responses to this question should illustrate the practices outlined in criteria one to three above. Stories may be de-identified.