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Safety in animal handling

Well designed and maintained stockyards will help to ensure the safety of your workers and reduce the stress on your livestock. This film explains solutions to make your yard safe for workers.

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When working in stockyards, the risks to workers from crush injuries is greater because of the close confines and unpredictable nature of animals.

Know whether your yards are big enough to cope with the intended mob size and don't overstock your yards.

Separating workers from stock by using external walkways, catwalks and externally operated gates can help to reduce the potential for injuries.

Swing gates should also move easily and have secure catches, without nip points that may require additional exertion to shut them.

Slips and trip hazards also need to be properly managed by keeping your yards free of debris, muck or boggy uneven ground.

There are solutions to make your yards safer for workers.

Update the design of yards with entry and exit points to suit the work being done and to help separate workers from animals.

Reduce shadows and blind spots to avoid animals baulking.

Install gate latches at the right height.

Include safe areas for workers or additional escape gates if they need to make a quick exit.

Position watering points and troughs for easy access.

Manage dust by installing sprinklers or hosing the yards.

There will be times when workers need to interact with animals. At these times:

Handle the stock quietly and calmly to avoid a sudden reaction from them and remember that sick or stressed animals may behave differently.

Use races to help guide animals during movement and externally controlled gates at either end of a race to control their flow.

Secure animals in a cattle crush to restrict their movement while vaccinating or treating them and ensure the rail spacing allows safe access to animals.

Above all assess the risks when entering yards with animals, especially if an animal has gone down or needs attention.

Well designed and maintained stockyards will help ensure the safety of your workers and reduce the stress to your livestock.

Work safe. Farm safe.


RUN TIME: 2 mins 23 seconds