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Tractors - a crushing blow

You can take some simple steps to prevent yourself from being seriously crushed by a tractor.

Watch the film and share it with people at your workplace or property.

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Never start a tractor from the ground. You might have done it that way all your life, but it could result in a tragic injury if the tractor has been left in-gear as you start it.

The sudden move forward could leave you trapped or crushed beneath the tractor with severe injuries.

If your tractor needs maintenance because of a faulty starter motor then fix it. A serious injury just doesn't compare.

Incidents occur when the risks aren't properly assessed and controlled.

Before leaving the driver's seat to open a gate or do some other work, apply the tractor's hand brake and make sure it stops the idling tractor moving forward…

If a tractor starts to roll on an incline, it could result in a serious crush injury.

This simple action could save your life.

If you need to remove an obstacle underneath your tractor, or quickly check something, never crawl under it unless it has been securely immobilised – that means, engine off, hand brake on and wheels properly chocked.

You may think your tractor is stable, but people have been crushed under their machinery when it has unexpectedly moved.

Tractors are safe when started and operated correctly.

Only start a tractor from the driver's seat.

Apply the hand brake before leaving the driver's seat.

Immobilise the tractor and chock the wheels before you get underneath it.

Work safe. Farm safe.