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Snorkelling sense

This film can be incorporated into the safety briefing to help engage passengers and reinforce key snorkelling safety messages.

Commercial snorkelling operators can use this film to encourage participants to:

  • discuss any medical conditions with the crew
  • use a noodle and life jacket
  • team up with a buddy
  • stay near the snorkelling supervisor.

Download a copy of this video (MP4/ZIP, 15MB)

TITLE PAGE: Snorkelling sense

Dave the instructor: Ok guys, we want you to have the best day out there today. But before we jump in the water there's a few health questions you need to ask yourself; And please listed to our tips afterwards.

Do you have a medical condition like heart disease or angina?

Maybe asthma or a lung condition that could be aggravated by physical activity?

Eddy: Mmm, nope. Nothing springs to mind.


Dave the instructor: Do you have a medical condition that could lead to unconsciousness, like epilepsy or diabetes?

Eddy: (Thinks) Yeah, I do its call 'boredom'. When are we going snorkelling?

Dave the instructor: Are you an older person, maybe a little bit overweight and don't do much physical activity?

Eddy: I'm in tiptop shape. Nothing wrong with me. Tiptop shape.

Text to screen: late last night...

Dave the instructor: Do you have a family history of high blood pressure or maybe cholesterol? And do you smoke?

Eddy: (Thinks) No, only socially.

Text to screen: earlier that morning...

Dave the instructor: If you've answered yes to any of those questions and you're not a strong swimmer, do yourself a favour and grab a hold of a noodle and a jacket. It's going to help you float around it the water so much easier and you mightn't scare the fish as much.

Eddy: (Thinks) Yeah. Yeah, I could make that outfit work.

(Raucous rock guitar music plays)

Dave the instructor: Team up with a buddy as well, someone that you can keep and eye on.

Eddy: (Thinks) Oh, I hope to get to be her buddy!

Dave the instructor: Also while you're snorkelling around just keep and eye on where the lookouts and snorkelling supervisors are and snorkel close to the beach or the boat if you're not a strong swimmer.

Eddy:(Thinks) There's not need to worry about me mate, I've had a few swimming lessons… in my time.

Dave the instructor: Ok guys, look that's enough from me. Be careful out there and have some fun.

Text to screen: 10 minutes later...

Eddy: (Whispers) Hey, Dave, so…I'm a bit worried about how strong I am without that vest. As you can see I'm carrying a bit of fat. (Continues whispering indistinctly)

Text to screen: Discuss and medical conditions with the crew. Use a noodle and a life jacket. Team up with a buddy. Stay near the snorkelling supervisor …and enjoy your day!

On Screen - Contact details and credits

For more snorkelling safety tips visit or phone 1300 369 915.

Dave the instructor: Did you guys see anything?

Eddy: Oh yeah! We saw a wrasse. It was this big! (Laughs)