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Safety Leadership at Work

The Safety Leadership at Work Program is designed to improve safety culture and contribute to reducing work-related injuries and fatalities in Queensland workplaces.

Through the program, safety leaders at all levels have the opportunity to learn from others, develop their safety leadership skills and build a positive safety culture in their workplace.

Registration to the program is currently unavailable while we undertake updates to offer more ways to help you develop practical skills to improve safety culture and build safety leadership capacity at your workplace.

Learn more about safety capability and how it can help you maintain work health and safety when faced with uncertainty, risks, and other modern work environment challenges.

Who is a safety leader?

Anyone can become a safety leader.

Safety leadership exists at all levels of an organisation and across all industries. While the level of safety maturity will vary from person to person and across different organisations, all safety leaders share a common objective - to create safer and more productive workplaces.