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Tractors are an integral item of plant for agricultural, green keeping, gardening, landscaping and other activities.

Being versatile in nature, tractors can have numerous functions not only on the farm but throughout industry.

Tractors are usually quite safe when operated properly, however they become dangerous if used incorrectly.

  • Falling object protective structures (FOPS)
    If a tractor is used for tree felling or in situations which create a risk to the operator of falling objects, then the tractor should be designed and fitted with a falling object protective structure (FOPS).
  • Tractor safety precautions
    Tractor safety precautions, roll-over protective structures and falling object protective structures.
  • Tractor training
    An owner, self-employed person or person in control of a workplace should ensure the safe operation of the tractor through instruction, training and constant supervision of the operator while the operator is gaining experience in tractor operation or if operating the tractor themselves, should be trained and supervised.