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Be Recognised

The Be Recognised program acknowledges organisations that embed work health and wellbeing into their organisational systems and culture.

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Being recognised can:

  • enable your organisation to stand out as an employer of choice
  • retain talented staff and reduce staff turnover
  • boost the reputation of your business
  • promote your work health and wellbeing credentials.

The Be Recognised program aligns with the Work Health and Wellbeing Toolkit. The Toolkit includes three stages:

  1. Plan – embed work health and wellbeing into your business systems and identify and assess risks.
  2. Implement – manage risks by implementing appropriate interventions and monitor them to make sure they are effective.
  3. Evaluate – evaluate the impact of embedding work health and wellbeing into your business systems and make improvements for sustainability.

Levels of recognition

  • Bronze – recognises commitment to work health and wellbeing
  • Silver – highly commends commitment to work health and wellbeing
  • Gold – recognises excellence in work health and wellbeing.


Bronze recognises organisations at stage one (plan) of the Work health and wellbeing toolkit.  Work health safety and wellbeing strategies have been implemented for at least six months and applications must show how the following has been achieved:

  • management commitment
  • workplace assessment
  • consultation with workers
  • identification of the key motivators and prioritisation of the identified risks focussing on work organisation, work environment and the workers.

Silver recognises organisations at stage two (implementation) of the Work health and wellbeing toolkit. Stage one of the toolkit is complete with risks and gaps identified. An action plan has been developed and followed for at least one year to manage the implementation of the interventions and outline the process to measure impact and effectiveness.

Silver application must demonstrate that the work health safety and wellbeing interventions create a healthier workplace by ensuring they are:

  • targeted to the organisation’s risks and business outcomes
  • specific to the size, location and culture of the organisation
  • resourced and supported
  • monitored and evaluated
  • continuously improved
  • prioritised to influence the way work is organised and the work environment.

Gold recognises organisations who are undertaking all three stages of the work health and wellbeing toolkit, with a clear focus on evaluation.

Risks have been identified, an action plan has been developed (and in place for two or more years) and a number of interventions have been implemented, monitored and reviewed with results documented. Evaluation has identified successful interventions as well as changes and improvements to be made.

Data has been collated from various sources to establish baseline information, with interventions implemented to address priority hazards.

Gold application must detail the interventions/activities undertaken and evaluated, and the changes analysed and recorded. Data should show a comparison pre and post data, preferably at least two years apart.

Gold application must detail how results have been reported to management and workers to provide updates on the progress of the work health safety and wellbeing strategy.

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