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Recalls and prohibition notice on Salzer solar DC isolator


DC isolator switch

DC isolator switch

Salzer solar DC isolator.

Model DCLB232, also known as IPV40E and IPV40ES.

These DC isolator switches are subject to two recalls by:

  • IPD Group Limited
  • AGL Energy Services Pty Limited.

Further information on these recalls is at

The Queensland Government has also gazetted a notice prohibiting the sale and installation of these DC Isolators, effective immediately.

Safety issue

Risk of Fire

The isolator switch can present a risk of fire under certain conditions when switched.

Action required

Building owners and managers are urged to check their solar photovoltaic installations to identify these isolators and, if found:

  1. immediately shut down the AC side of the solar photovoltaic (PV) installation (not the isolators switching the DC solar panels)
  2. contact the electrical contractor that performed the installation or to arrange a replacement switch.

Electrical contractors and installers should immediately cease supplying and installing these isolator switches and contact their supplier to arrange replacements. PV systems need to be shut down as per (a) above and safe isolation procedures followed. Electrical workers and installers should not turn off the DC isolators, as this will create additional risk.