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Systems (processes and structures)

To build safety capability in your business, strengthen your systems through a focus on processes and structures.

Take practical steps to strengthen safety capability in your workplace by considering your:

  • work health and safety (WHS) processes and structures, and
  • recovery and return to work (RTW) processes and structures to support workers after an injury or illness.

Make safety a priority by engaging in meaningful discussions with your workforce.

  • Encourage frequent and open communication to detect potential errors and issues before they escalate, including during periods of organisational change.
  • You should also provide high-quality safety procedures, training, and equipment to ensure work is performed safely.
  • Reassure injured or ill workers of their value in your organisation by supporting their recovery and RTW. Provide clarity around your recovery and RTW processes to provide injured workers certainty and encouragement to participate in meaningful rehabilitation.


View the Resources page for information and tips on how to improve your systems and processes to build your safety capability and understand your legal obligations.