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Recall of LG Energy Solution Australia Pty Ltd ESS Home Energy Storage System Batteries

Affected models: 3.3, 6.5, 10, 13, 7H Type-R, 10H Type-C, 10H Type-R and 10H Type-R (Secondary).

Other models: EM048063P3S2 (Standalone Gen2 1P), Gen2 1P (EM048063P3S4), EM048063P3S5 (Standalone Gen2 1P) and S/A Gen2 2P (EM048126P3S7) and EM048126P3S8 (Standalone Gen2 2P).

Other systems that may contain affected batteries include: LG branded RESU systems, SolaX Power Station, SolaX X-Cabinet, Opal Storage, Redback SH5000, Red Earth Sunrise, Red Earth Drop Bear, Eguana Evolve and VARTA Pulse Neo.

Battery models

Safety issue

Risk of Fire

There is a manufacturing defect within the battery that may lead to overheating and fire. Incidents have occurred and caused fire damage to properties.

Action required

You should take urgent action due to the serious fire risk associated with these batteries.

If you have an LG battery affected by this recall, switch off your battery immediately and contact LG Energy Solution – even if it already has the diagnostic software installed. Keep your battery switched off until further notice from LG Energy Solution. LG Energy Solution will provide compensation for higher energy costs due to switching off your battery.

  1. If you have an LG battery (or another brand with LG battery inside), switch it off now and leave switched off until you have identified if it’s under recall (via serial number).
  2. Visit LG Energy Solution to find out if your battery is affected by the recall.
  3. If you need help identifying affected batteries, call LG Energy Solution on 1300 677 273 or email
  4. If it is under recall (or you can’t tell), leave it switched off until LG have verified it is fixed or unaffected.

More information

  • On 17 May 2024, the ACCC accepted an enforceable undertaking from LG Energy Solution (LGES) to take actions to protect consumers from risks posed by these recalled LG batteries. The commitments made by LGES extend to the batteries listed in the corresponding SolaX recall. Consumers should immediately shut down affected LG batteries until remedied and contact LGES or SolaX to register their contact details, if they have not already done so.
  • For technical questions about the affected batteries, call LGESAU on 1300 178 064.
  • For technical questions about the recall, contact Energy Safe Victoria.
  • If you have a SolaX or Opal system, or are in doubt, contact SolaX on 1300 476 529 or email
  • For all other queries related to the recall, contact the ACCC and quote the PRA number for this recall (PRA 2022/19550).
  • Read the recall notice.
  • Read the safety warning notice to the public