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Selling second-hand

If you're selling certain electrical equipment second hand, you must provide information on how to use it in an electrically safe way.

Safe use instructions

Sellers of second hand in-scope electrical equipment must ensure that it is sold with information on how to use it in an electrically safe way.

Unlike new equipment, manufacturer's instructions are often not available with second hand goods. Sellers should access the manufacturer's website to obtain a copy of these instructions.

If copies of the original manufacturer's usage instructions cannot be found, sellers must provide electrical safety advice for the equipment. This should include, as a minimum:

  • safe operating instructions
  • care and maintenance instructions required to maintain electrical safety
  • any specific safety instructions relevant to the equipment.

Electrical safety advice

Sellers of second hand in-scope electrical equipment are not required to have the electrical equipment tested before selling it, but they must inform the buyer if it has not been tested.

Alternatively, sellers may choose to have equipment tested by a licensed electrical worker, and give the buyer information about the tests.

If the buyer conducts a business that deals in repairing or reconditioning second hand electrical equipment, the seller of the second hand equipment to that business is not required to test the equipment or advise that it has not been tested.

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