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Infinity and Olsent brand cable


Infinity cable with model FT3025, and Infinity-branded Olsent cable with batch number INFH190311 has been recalled and is prohibited in Queensland.

The recall does not include any other cable ranges under the Infinity or Olsent brands.

Note: Olsent is a home brand for Masters Home Improvement. Not all Olsent cable is affected.

Cable marking viewEnd view of cableInfinity TPS 2.5 mm twin and earth flat cable model FT3025
End view of five core cableEnd view of three core cableCable and marking

Safety issue:

Risk of fire and electric shock

An issue was identified with the insulation and sheathing PVC compound of the electrical cable that may reduce the cable insulation integrity.

Product sold at:

This cable was supplied by Masters Home Improvement, Mitre 10, HEM Queensland and a number of other suppliers in Queensland in 2012 and 2013.

Action required:


As the Infinity cable importer is in liquidation, suppliers have agreed to have the cable removed or remediated at their expense. Please note that while Masters Home Improvement is currently for sale, there is no change to the recall at this stage and the company will continue to remediate properties.

Electrical contractors should contact the cable supplier before starting any work to ensure the property owner, supplier and electrician are in agreement to proceed.

Unused stock

If you have unused stock of the affected cable do not use it. Return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or replacement.

Installed cable

If you installed Infinity cable in Queensland between 2012 and 2013, contact your customer. You will likely need to arrange for an inspection of their premises.

If the presence of Infinity cable is confirmed, notify the customer about the recall and have them contact the electrician, builder or supplier of the cables directly (if known).


Affected customers can choose to have the cable removed or remediated.

If your customer agrees for you to carry out remediation work, you must seek the supplier's approval before you begin the job. If you then carry out the work in accordance with the Infinity cable recall remediation plan, and comply with the normal requirements for electrical work, you will have met your electrical safety duties.

Alternatively, the supplier may engage another electrical contractor to remediate the installed recalled cable. The supplier's chosen contractor must also carry out the work in accordance with the recall remediation plan, and comply with the normal requirements for electrical work.

If you have informed your customers that you installed Infinity cable in their premises and they don't want to take action, then:

  • inform the customer that under the recall the supplier will fund the remediation or replacement of the cable at the supplier's expense
  • inform the homeowner that they should act to prevent the risk of a future electric shock or fire and to make sure their household insurance remains valid
  • recommend that a safety switch be installed on the affected circuits
  • record the details of your conversation with your customer.

In summary

The safety recall requires:

  • removing and replacing cable installed close to heat sources
  • removing and replacing cable in accessible areas such as roof spaces and under flooring (unless it is in appropriate conduit)
  • protecting all remaining cable with electrical safety switches
  • affixing a warning sticker to the electrical metering switch box in any premises with cable left installed.


Home owners who purchased new properties, undertook renovations or had electrical wiring work conducted on their homes during 2012 and 2013 should check with their electrical contractor or builder, or contact a licensed electrical contractor for a safety inspection, to determine if Infinity or Olsent branded cables were installed.

For safety, home owners are advised not to check the cable themselves but to use an electrical contractor to inspect the wiring.

If Infinity or Olsent branded cables are installed then electrical contractors or homeowners can contact the suppliers of the cable as indicated in the ACCC recall notice.

Supplier details:

For more information, visit or call the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

Industry associations may also offer help and advice to members.

More information:

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Infinity cable recall: act now before it's too late

Electrical Safety Office (ESO)

See the ESO's Infinity and Infinity-branded Olsent cable prohibition notice and gazette notice.